So if anybody has advice or knows how to bypass the starter relay I would greately appreciate it.:confused. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Your follow-ups will help here, and helps others with a similar problem reading this thread. Using a Multimeter, I checked the basics to see if I had solid connections.I verified the solenoid, the starter, the alternator, the battery, the battery cables and etc. I went ahead and got a new fuse/relay and when I … and i was just wondering is there anyway i can just bypass it so i don't have to buy a new one? I am checking myself, but it seems clear to me that they do not turn on. All lights work great and bright, with the exception of zero lights for the reverse.

My next thought was it is the neutral safety switch, if not possibly the ignition switch. At this point I am fairly stumped. I removed the Starter Fuse/Relay from the fuse box. At that point I would assume it is a bad battery (since it would be even okder). Thanks A Lot Man.

Knowing the old Fuse appeared to look in good shape, and a new one made no difference I ruled that out as the problem. When I bypass the starter fuse/relay the car turns over like a charm no problem whatsoever, the starter does not hesitate. theres nothing wrong with the starter because I jumped it and it ran great actually. It appears that none of the lights on the rear of the are car working. To avoid bypass compressor overload, don't leave the appliance in a state of relay bypass for very long. I decided to ground the terminals in which the fuse is placed. Flounder: without the key in the ignition all he will get is cranking. I think it may be the NSS, however I could foresee in the future having issues like you did have occasionally. A quick way to bypass the clutch safety switch is this... Take a safety pin and push it stright thru the 2 wires that come off that switch under the clutch lever assembly. Thanks! Bypass it! I was able to get the car to turn over and try to start (the battery has been sitting for awhile at this point and needs charged) by a combination of grounding the relay fuse (like I referred to in the beginning of this post) as well as the first way I tried grounding the NSS ( the first picture of me grounding the NSS connection at the bottom, everything else I did is also pictured.).

The fuse itself doesn’t seem to have been the problem, it appears to be in good shape and a brand new one didn’t help. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I checked all of that while I was hooked up to another vehicle (for an extended amount of time) so the batter isn’t the culprit. My hope was to narrow down that the NSS was the problem. and if there's any negatives about bypassing. I’m assuming that since bypassing the relay, the vehicle is not getting positive voltage to the coil side of the relay. ahh... the old I stole a bike and want to know how to start it question.. Push your limits until you crash.. then back off just a bit. I tried this and was able to bypass the Starter Fuse/Relay and the car started.

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