He instructs Snake to "clean up"; they'll be following their suspect. Ciel chuckles, and he is kicked tumultuously by the outraged Azzurro as a result. Alias Goals He kisses her on the cheek goodnight, saying he had a happy time playing with her, and he retires for the night. Aristocrats of Evil

[174], Later, Joker takes them on a tour of the tents, pointing out which ones are off-limits because they are the first-string members' tents. He then flees to his room, where Ciel later enters to explain his situation and encourage Soma to be independent. He states that he has discovered that even the dead can evolve. The other attendees announce that it is time for carolling. [534], Ciel orders Sebastian to bring Gregory to a hospital immediately, but Grelle Sutcliff and Othello arrive; both Grim Reapers assert that Gregory will be fine, since he is not on the soul retrieval list. [552] After Undertaker and Othello taunt each other, Othello tosses his Death Scythe, but to no effect since he is physically weak, to the astonishment of Ciel, Sebastian, and Grell and to the amusement of Undertaker. Ciel is engaged to his cousin, Elizabeth Midford. [398] Ciel starts by showing her some toys; after some time playing, she falls asleep.

Because the majority of the guests suspect Ciel as the murderer, they decide he must be watched by one of them. However, Professor Michaelis catches him, stating their first priority is medical attention. [148], Ciel, Soma, and Sebastian meet up with Lau, and they deduce that Harold wants to win the Royal Warrant at the curry contest; so, he is using Agni. [531], At Bath, Ciel remarks that he has only been there once before to convalesce with his family. Sirius[4] Consequently, Sebastian asks Pitt and Soma to leave, and they comply. [178] Freckles wakes him up early the next morning. Alexis tells Ciel he possesses the blood of a genius game maker—it is sure to be an exciting match. [218] After dinner, Ciel has to lend his assistance to Jeremy, and he is required to take off his clothes and stay very still. They come in to find Lau, Angelina Dalles and her butler, Grelle Sutcliff, looting his house for tea. Ciel announces that they will settle everything tomorrow. After Ciel's bowling style is exposed, everyone claims it's dirty, unfair, and unbefitting an Englishman.

Lau applauds him, stating that this earl is whom he has partnered with for business. [328] Later on, he complains to Sebastian that he feels like an "opera singer." They meet Wolfram first and then Sieglinde, who is strapped on her new invention: "Arachne Patousa," which are spider legs that enable her to walk. Ciel smiles and offers him his hand instead; crying, Finnian takes it. Ciel protectively grabs Elizabeth and shoots the corpse. Ciel, Sebastian, and Lau continue to hide because Harold would recognize their faces. [122][123], Ciel overhears Arthur Randall yelling to Fred Abberline that Ciel is a brat who stole the glory of catching Jack the Ripper. After examining it, Sebastian decided to forcibly take it out, much to Ciel's chagrin. Sebastian and Agni fight for a while. [28], Suddenly, the corpses fly through the air.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Ciel and "Ciel" were then attacked and violated. Sebastian has accompanied him to a cluster of buildings. Sebastian then promises Ciel that he is completely devoted to his service. After comparing notes, Ciel decides that they will take action tonight. The next day, in the 3rd art room, Ciel confronts Maurice. However, Undertaker suddenly gets the upper hand when he easily jumps to the top of the staircase and grabs Ciel. [254], Ciel, Snake, Elizabeth, and Rian start moving towards his room. Sebastian smiles and says that Ciel does not need to ask—he just needs to order him.[294]. Undertaker | Grell Sutcliff | William T. Spears | Ronald Knox, Noah's Ark Circus

Ciel tells him to redirect his pleas to Sebastian. He asks Ciel if he's decided to abandon his position as the Queen's Watchdog. Arthur explains that Ran-Mao, who has Ciel's clothes and thus his scent, attracted the snake. [428] Ciel adds that he didn't want to behave like that. Ciel's right eye gleams with the contract's seal, and he orders Sebastian to save him. Ciel responds that he can't stand others being deceived. [202], When Charles Grey and Charles Phipps arrive at Phantomhive Manor, Grey attacks Baldroy and Mey-Rin upon entrance. Sebastian proceeds to dispatch the corpses in the fastest way possible—wildly and madly, he moves effortlessly through the compartment, destroying all the corpses. One morning as Sebastian is assisting Ciel, Soma bursts into his bedroom, demanding to know why he has left school. [67] Sebastian then pulls the stained tablecloth cleanly and swiftly from the table without disrupting the food and plates on it. [322] They realize they will need someone to infiltrate Scarlet Fox to get hard evidence.

Lawrence declines assistance and leaves. [471] Before Ciel leaves, Diedrich tells him to be careful. After Edward asks if there is nothing they can do, Sebastian comments on the "irksome" nature of human hearts to a dour Ciel. Although he is startled to see Sebastian (he thought servants couldn't accompany their masters), he brushes it off and tells them everything he has learned. [501], Suddenly, Sebastian smells blood on Ciel and tears off Ciel's shirt, exposing needle marks, to Ciel's and Sebastian's. Afterwards, the P4 say that tradition is absolute—they will do whatever it takes to maintain order in school subdue trouble. Upon his return, the seal was given to him by Angellina Dalles, who told him that it was the only ring that had not been destroyed in the fire that killed his parents, Hi! He then orders Agni to side with the British, and Agni quickly takes out all of the Indians. [28] Additionally, he is attentive to the needs of his servants; when he heard that they desired new items, he took them shopping and provided them with necessities. [260] While Grelle continues with their speech, Sebastian tries to escape with the two; however, he is forced to hold onto both of them as he avoids Grelle's Death Scythe. Ciel realizes that there is a way for him to meet the headmaster.

Ciel then faces Joanne Harcourt.

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