Young would also play "Little Wing" live in 1977 and for only the 2nd time on Fireside Session II in 2020. "Florida" – "some cockamamie spoken-word dream (printed out, for reasons no one can remember, in the booklet for Tonight's the Night), set to the shrieking accompaniment of either Young or Keith drawing a wet finger around the rim of a glass". It also appears on some of the trial lists for the album shown on his website. An avid fan of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Band, Gram Parsons and the west coast singer-songwriters, Parker could tell you who played a particular instrument on any particular album. In the liner notes to the compilation, Young mentions "Deep Forbidden Lake" as a track recorded for Homegrown. Homegrown Family, Albany, Georgia.

Homegrown reunite in the mid-1990s, Mossy's Bar, Napier. The resulting cassette was more for band members and friends, but Homegrown were approached by Turbitt’s old Napier Folk Club ally Trevor Ruffell and his business partner Keith Gosney with the idea of putting it out as an LP on their new label Cityfolk Record Co.

Young has said that "Homegrown is the missing link between Harvest, Comes a Time, Old Ways and Harvest Moon. The Homegrown Band - Down South. The album consists of material recorded between June 1974 and January 1975. Homegrown is a band that plays country, oldies, and blues. The second LP, The Dice, was recorded on 4-track at the home studio of engineer John Holmes. [10], Homegrown was met with universal acclaim from music critics. It was recorded at Ramport Studios in London on September 12, 1974, two days before CSNY's show at the Wembley Stadium. According to the site, these are the 12 songs that made the album (some are followed by McDonough's descriptions): "Love Is a Rose" is a reworking of Young's previous concert encore favorite "Dance, Dance, Dance" which had been recorded by Crazy Horse on their debut album. Their rock’n’roll and jive was snuck in amongst the veletas, maxinas and waltzes preferred by the ex-servicemen who were often paying them. "[1] "White Line" was later recorded with Crazy Horse in 1975 for the unreleased Chrome Dreams and again with the group in 1990 for Ragged Glory. 2 talking about this. Only release as a trio. Club, Alex McLevy praised the release, writing that it is "no less masterful for having sat unheard all these years. Like those two albums, much of the material was inspired by Young's relationship with actress Carrie Snodgress, which was deteriorating in 1974. Homegrown's self-titled debut album, released on the Cityfolk Record Co label in 1981. "Kansas" – described with "Mexico" as "solo Young performances—short, fragmentary and hallucinogenic"[1] "Kansas" was played on occasion in 1999, 2007 and 2008, and appears in the concert film Neil Young Trunk Show.

But the demise of the Underground Bar also brought about the end of the band as the barflies scattered and Homegrown struggled to find a new audience amid the changing musical landscape. Instead, Tonight's the Night was released in its place, and Homegrown remained unreleased for decades. Shortly after its release they added second guitarist Dan Hammond and filmed music videos for the songs "You're Not Alone" and "Kiss Me, Diss Me".

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