Is there any chance we can get some Ashes of outlands profile pics? I think they shouldn’t have removed power overwhelming, That’s exactly why you should not concentrate in only one class…, I had the same feeling, but i tryed out the New handlock and it kicks ass. # 1x (2) Novice Engineer And yes, Zephrys is an answer! P.S. There is no good replacement, you either play the more expensive version of Warpath or just remove it from your deck and lose a ton of AoE removal capacity, making you much more vulnerable to decks like Token Druid or Murloc Shaman. As for the Baleful Banker – right now, Banker decks report lower win rate than regular builds. If you wait in this kind of meta to play a combo round for draw etc, you’ll be dead before you know it. It was OP so it seems blizzard are now making warrior sh*t and seem to have abandoned it entirely.

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Not only it gives you three singleton Legendaries – Zephrys the Great, Dinotamer Brann and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza, but it’s also the strongest deck in the current meta. The Steward + Stand against darkness combo and then Level up + Stegodon / Sunkeeper + Stegodon is just way too strong since it’s hard to have two removals in hand with early game board presence cards such as Call to arms (except defile of course, which basically counters every play that you can possibly make with most dude paladin decks). The deck guides are written by Stonekeep, the decks themselves are created by top players. This sub has a sticky thread of good reads and I recommend when you have time going through and finding some to check out. Ironic since that the Blizzard team that makes WoW does an outstanding job in my opinion of balancing classes and making new content all the time. How come TempoStorm has a different tier list (and sometimes other cards) than this list? But dont cry for people who like be always 1 click after you! I don’t think I need to convince you guys, but those decks were true “autopilots”. And lazul is super fun. Quest rogue is currently one of the strongest deck in the meta but that’s because it’s new and no one has actually truly made a deck to counter it just yet. Stonekeep, i want to make a deck to play it for long time. Galaxy to 6, Conj to 4, Boom to 8, Brawl to 6: Yes, yes, yes and yes, all of those nerfs would reduce the power level of the decks that use them . Dude never disenchant i was being so fucked by the years by disenchantments i packed her and everyone was telling me to dust her free 400 dust blah blah. Laughs in Pirate Warrior (Though, I wasn’t here when it was dominant). Not to mention a good start towards Quest Druid. I never dismiss cards just based on statistics, but in this case – come on – no matter how difficult the deck is, if it’s good, it won’t have a 40% win rate. # 1x (7) Siamat Hearthstone players have suggested a number of ways to fix this over the years, and Team 5 is now beginning the process of addressing it, starting out … where is the skill in the big priest? Wilbur Ross Rothschild,

Warrior has been present in the meta in one form or the other for nearly the whole last year. Aggro Paladin is extremely easy dude, think about this: they’re very reliant on Call of Arms which is basically a set up for Defile. also why didnt you include illusion mage? Please do not hesitate to contact me. You can still use it at the late game. How To Clean Clothes Without Water, I always try to provide an argument for my statements which in my opinion is crucial for any successful debate. Feels fringe.

. It’s not on here because it doesn’t really belong on here. Which one is better also? 15/22 games won from 8. Below is an earlier HTD decklist; I think he’s recently also been experimenting with Bulwark and Ancharrr. And back to the topic the winrate only speaks for the deck as a whole and doesn’t talk about any single cards and the effect it has on the game when played on a certain turn which is really well explained by Regiskillbin in his video, which shows how often both LUNAS POCKET GALAXY (we all know how often mage plays pocket galaxy on turn 5 or turn 4 with coin and there’s data to prove the same) and CC is played on curve and how high the winrate spikes when played on curve and he even compares it to the BARNES power spike when played on curve. Me too being very succesful with Trumps Handlock mod. This might be a noob question, but what is the difference between a “ladder” deck and a “meta” deck? “People playing suboptimal list” is also a bad argument, because same can be said about any other deck. OH i’m not that far down the ladder i’m only tier 12. you think Zoolock is a Tier 3 deck?

So we’ll probably know in a few days! Not to mention using Play Dead to safely trigger deathrattles like Oozeling/Recruit/Cube/Kathrena which are a prime and easily achievable win condition. If we look at the win rate in Legend only, which should include people who know more about the deck on average, it’s still only 43% for Archaeology. Plus I did have the full token druid until it immediately died on Aug 7th and I dusted my wisps. Oh, and the Spell Damage package also helps – especially with Ras Frostwhisper, which can snowball the game when it sticks to the board. Am I missing something? Jade Druid Nederland Stonekeep what about quest galakrond shaman? Ice throne gave you 1 or 2 legendaries (a random zombie hero and on more I think, but I’m am not sure). In fact, Mech Hunter would not want to play too many Deathrattle Mechs, because it wants to always be able to hit either Oblivitron or Mechanical Whelp with Nine Lives. how much better is normal quest warrior compared to odd quest warrior? This card game is a free play online digital collectible portal developed that was originally subtitled Heroes of Warcraft. What is the wisp in the death rattle rogue for. The truth is, Playing Razakus priest require lots of strategies to survive the early game, and its a goal to rush control decks down with aggresive/ tempo plays which also requires skill and knowledge of playing around specific counters. With Silver hand paladin no because OP said managed when he should have said manage. Sorry to be a grammer nazi. And a bit of dust, maybe 2k? Here’s my stats playing egg warrior, all games are played in legend. Name me one meta deck that this is favored against. I Used him since Witchwood release and i’m not that impressed. I don’t know you in real life and I don’t know if you write like that only on hstopdecks/the Internet, but I can tell you it just makes you instantly dislikeable. Quick Analysis with our professional Research Service: Content Marketing & Information Design for your projects: Revenue of the global eSports market 2018-2023, Worldwide eSports viewer numbers 2018-2023, by type, Leading CS:GO eSports players worldwide 2020, by overall earnings. I’m currently rank 122 legend with renolock and I’ve played it all season. different classes, races, nations, colors (MTG). Big Spell Mage is basically Highlander Mage, just NOT highlander and features Naga Sand Witch, which makes it theoretically tier 2. So if you have a full hand and play a 3-mana Mountain Giant, and then play Conjurer’s Calling on it, you’d get double 3-drops. Again – you’re looking at the decks as a Control Warrior player, but you need a broader perspective for this kind of tier list.

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