Although the company is predominantly focused on diamonds, they also offer an excellent selection of fine gold jewelry. The same chain they are selling for $3,000 could be bought for 1/2 or 1/3 of the price online or somewhere else. If you know the karat and the gram weight then you can get the scrap gold value. Because many well-known retailers also offer their products on Amazon, you’ll have access to famous brands as well here. There are different patterns and some chains have diamonds on them. This chain is popular with women. Szul offers free shipping, gift packaging and a 60-day return policy. Rope chains consist of a number of gold (or another precious metal) segments. Below we review some of the most popular link types. Why: Exclusively online with great prices. We do not buy or sell precious metal. © 2018 JEWELRYSHOPPINGGUIDE.COM ALL RIGHT RESERVED |, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, WEDDING RINGS AND WEDDING BAND, WHAT JEWELRY TO WEAR WITH YOUR WEDDING DRESS, Fine Jewellery Auctions Online – A Handy Guide, 15 Stylish Pearl Necklace Designs to Wow You, A Complete Guide to Industrial Piercings (with Pics). Let’s examine the most important characteristics you should pay attention to when buying a gold chain. Use our gold jewelry calculator to find out what the chain's exact gold value is. Shopping online is more convenient because you can take your time and browse different listings until you find some chains that you like. Our goal is to make you an educated buyer so there will be no surprises and you will get exactly what you're looking for in a chain. Okay now, which metal would you like? We recommend looking for chains that have positive customer reviews, a responsive seller and a good returns policy. The big jewelry stores are not good places to shop. What’s more, if it’s vintage, you’re after, Etsy has a range of vintage gold chains as well. One of the best things about purchasing at Super Jeweler is that they stand by each of their products, offering a lifetime guarantee and risk-free 60-day money back guarantee. Clasps can easily be replaced but it's best to start off with a good clasp. There are some good options on Amazon. They offer chains in 10K, 14K and 18K gold in rose, yellow and white gold varieties. Ideally you want to pay as close to the scrap gold value as you can. Note: There are other chains such as the ball chain, box chain, snake chain. Frost NYC ships worldwide and have a 15-day money back guarantee with excellent customer service.

This coupled with the excellent customer service make Littman Jewelers a great place to take your gold chain search. In addition there are solid and hollow chains. The selection of gold chains on Amazon is massive and has everything from inexpensive gold-plated chains to high-end solid gold styles. These chains are simple, everyday styles with no frills attached, making them perfect to wear with pendants or as is.

However we didn't review them because they aren't as durable, and if they break then it can be hard to fix them. It's one of the best options if you are looking to give a gold chain as a gift. Plated gold chains are cheaper, but the plating will wear off after some time, exposing the metal underneath, and you will need to have the chain replated if you want to restore its color. So, if you are going to wear your chain every day, you might want to skip the 20Kt and 22Kt pieces, which will scratch more easily compared with 10Kt or 14Kt chains, which are harder since they contain a higher percentage of non-gold alloys. Also note that custom-made chains will cost more.

Therefore in most cases it's best to go with sold chains. You can expect to pay a premium of 60-100% over the scrap price of gold. Chains that are only 10k don't have as good of a look to them, and they have less re-sale value. Jewelers who sell online can offer better deals because they don't have to worry about rent or other costs associated with a having a physical store. They offer 14K and 18K gold chains on the site, with or without pendants. It also won't open unexpectedly like some of the cheaper clasps. They have thousands of 5-star reviews from independent sites with a legion of happy clients.

We also recommend Blue Nile – use code SUMMER20 to get a discount (review) – and Ross-Simons. Stick with 14Kt or 18Kt gold instead. Why: Exchanges up to 90 days after purchase.

For example 10 karat is 41.7% gold, 14k is 58.3%, 18k gold is 75%, and it goes up to 24k which is 99.99% gold. is not a dealer or refiner.

Based in New York, Pictures on Gold gets its name from its star product – lockets with lasered-in color photos. Gold is a softer metal and so the higher the karat, the less durable the gold item is.

An often overlooked characteristic of gold chains is their surface: Make sure it is smooth. With real gold you can always sell it for at least its scrap value. These stores are mostly in the business of selling diamond rings. The links are oval shaped and they resemble anchors- hence the name mariner chain. If you are concerned about having an allergic reaction, do not buy 10Kt gold (unless you are sure it is nickel free). If you ever need to melt down your chain for it's scrap value then it's best to have at least 14k. For an everyday chain, we recommend going with 14-18k gold. It's all about the weight. While Amazon provides choice, it’s up to you to do your due diligence to ensure that you aren’t getting ripped off. It's a good option for both men and women. One of the most important questions you need to answer when looking at a gold chain is whether it is solid gold or just gold plated. Thanks to this eye-catching twisting rope pattern, the Rope Chain reflects light amazingly well from all angles. It might look nice at first, but it's susceptible to wear, tarnish, and rust. Amazon isn’t a shop per se but is a platform that allows retailers and artisans from around the world to offer their products in one place. Ahhhh perfect! Whether you’re looking for a simple gold chain or something more elaborate, Blue Nile has a good collection to choose from. These stores cater to the ignorant buyer. The cable chain has a classic look, and it's good for both men and women. However, while we loved the products, the company doesn’t seem to accept returns which could be a problem if you don’t fall in love with the piece you chose. Today, they’re one of the biggest names in jewelry and you can find something for everyone here. Super Jeweler was established in 1999 and has been around for over two decades now.

When searching on Amazon, it’s best to use the filters provided, otherwise it’ll be like searching for a needle in a haystack. (Please note that 14Kt gold may still cause an allergic reaction if you are really sensitive to nickel.). J.R. Dunn offers a variety of gold chains from top jewelry designers, in sterling silver and karat gold. While you can’t return custom made jewelry, the company offers standard 30 day returns and a price match guarantee to ensure their customer’s satisfaction. For example, flat chains such as the omega chain and the herringbone chain are more prone to twisting. If you are going to put some kind of charm on your gold chain, make sure it is thick enough to bear the additional weight. In addition, gold-plated chains don't have much of a resale value. The best deals are found online. When looking for a retailer to purchase a gold chain from, check across vendors to compare prices. The segments are connected tightly in twos or threes, with a twisting pattern so that it resembles an actual rope. One of the only benefits of buying from a jewelry store is that you get a warranty. Their customer service is on point and helpful, making it very easy to work with them.

They don't specialize in gold chains and so their inventory is limited. The buying process can be as simple as that. You have the option of choosing real gold or gold-plated. The Spiga chain has an elaborate design and it consists of twisted oval links which make it look like a braid. While gold has a standard value which can fluctuate, the craftsmanship, other materials as well as the brand of the piece will influence the final price of the chain. It is also important to decide how thick the links should be, and this depends not only on your style preference but also on whether you will be wearing a pendant. Before you buy a gold chain necklace, there are several important factors to consider, including whether the chain is solid gold, what karat it is, and what kind of links the chain is made up of. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can make use of that to have free express shipping on your orders. Should You Wear Gold or Silver: Tips to Help You Decide, What You Should Watch Out for When Buying Cheap Jewelry, How to Tell If Your Jewelry Is Gold Filled or Solid Gold. It's designed with 2-3 short links and one long link, as shown in the picture above. You might think this is not a big deal, but if the chain is rough and you wear it for several hours, it will irritate your skin. Karats definite purity. “What style chain would you like? They operate mainly online, which is why they’re able to offer such competitive pricing. It's also possible that someone could try and pass off a hollow chain as a sold chain. Essentially the less you know, the better it is for them. After all, the company has over 4,750 5-star reviews on Reseller Ratings, which is testament to its focus on customer satisfaction. Why: Fine gold jewelry, delicate designs and pendants. As Jewelry Shopping Guide editors, we write about things that we love and we think you’ll like too. What’s the Best Way to Wear Your Pearl Necklace? Why: Extensive collection vintage and hand-crafted gold chains. I don’t think platinum is in your budget. Why: 60-day risk-free returns and excellent prices. Real gold (10k and up) is much more durable, and it's a better choice for everyday use. Szul is a leader in the online jewelry space and while they’re based in Manhattan’s Diamond District, their primary focus is on e-commerce, offering all their products online. It might look nice at first, but it's susceptible to wear, tarnish, and rust. The company is committed to providing ultimate customer satisfaction, with a 3-month exchange policy if you don’t love their product. You’ll find all the popular chain varieties here, including lesser known chain styles like Franco, Spiga and Herringbone. Why: Valuable gold chains and hip-hop jewelry. The gold will be mixed with other metal alloys which give the chain durability. You can find everything from designer gold chains that cost over $75,000 to inexpensive gold-plated costume jewelry. Why: A wide collection of everyday standard gold chains. (Click here for men’s gold chains.). Well, sir, I think a 16-inch chain might be a little short for you.

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