But will he fall for it when he sees it in on the car? The battle-tested crew employs unique scientific investigative methods and works closely with eyewitnesses to identify, communicate and confront the malevolent entities lurking in the shadows. How do they build a caravan, forge tuning forks, resurface an ice rink, and put on the world's biggest light festival? Kindred Spirits: Inside the Investigation. Bell Witch Cave. The guys set a seven-day deadline to resurrect a '68 Ford Galaxie XL. Zak Bagans & the crew watch past episodes of Ghost Adventures.

Bigfoot terrorizes three kids, a ghost stalks a cheerleader, and more. The guys make history as the 1st paranormal TV show inside the Bell Witch Cave. And, they customise a van for a disabled motocross rider. Zak and the crew head to Ontario, California, to investigate a century-old farm ripe with paranormal activity, particularly by a vicious entity known as The Creeper. Amy Bruni and Adam Berry join the team for a special investigation. During the dawn-to-dusk lockdown, key evidence is documented to uncover the truth behind paranormal activity. Zak and the crew investigate a saloon in Virginia City, Nevada, where staff are attacked violently by an entity that inhabits the basement. The team revamps a '34 Buick into a modern-day lowrider. A haunted artifact known as the Suicide Table may be responsible for the aggressive activity. Ghost Hunters follows a group of real-life ghostbusters as they investigate haunted houses throughout the country. The team investigates a dark presence residing within a historic mansion. All videos Paranormal pioneers Bob Magill and Tina Storer help victims of the most severe hauntings in America reclaim their sense of peace. Experts investigate a haunted plantation and the death of Elvis Presley. The team uncovers the surprising source of a ghastly haunting in Ohio. A team of experts analyze surveillance footage to uncover the science behind some of the most bizarre occurrences ever caught on camera. The staff believes a horrendous shooting on the property in 1995 may be responsible for recent sightings of moving objects, flying shadow figures and a ghost girl.

All Rights Reserved.

Ghost Adventures full online putlocker. In Colorado, Rick is on the hunt for a washplant - and Hoffman's Monster Red looks promising. Poltergeists vandalize an antique store, a doll comes alive, and more. Zak and the crew investigate claims of poltergeist activity at a Las Vegas tiki bar. In this paranormal investigation series, a team of ghost hunters led by the brash Zac Bagans roam around haunted locations in the dark, trying to gather evidence of spiritual activity. Stream Ghost Adventures FREE with Your TV Subscription! Buy Ghost Adventures on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices.

The World's #1 Nonfiction Media Company. Meet Jason and Grant, plumbers by day - ghost hunters by night! They recount how things were before the lockdown and how their lives have changed since.

The team push hard to rebuild NFL legend Earl Campbell's 1949 Cadillac. The team reopens Hans Holzer’s investigation into a Revolutionary War ship. Plumbers by trade, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson head-up a group of intrepid souls that are far from the usual collection of be-spectacled Ph.D.s. You can also download movie, subtitles to your pc to watch movies offline. All rights reserved. The cat’s out of the bag: Joe Exotic’s Zoo is haunted, and we're giving you access like never before with Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo.Get a sneak peek at the two-hour Halloween special — airing Thurs., Oct. 29 at 9|8c — right now. The latest evidence. They use their clients' fears as bait to draw out entities and force supernatural confrontations.

The team investigates the sinister secrets haunting a historic Texas manor. The series first aired on October 17, 2008.

This could be a big money deal for Bruce. Start watching now! After a spike in unusual emergency calls in Morgan City, Louisiana, the town’s mayor and his chief of police recruit a team of paranormal investigators to end the bizarre supernatural activity. Eivin and Eve take their kids crabbing. In this special four-part miniseries, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley quarantine themselves inside Zak Bagans’ … Ami prepares for a critical medical check-up, but Billy has concerns about progress on the homestead while they're away. Locals suspect a monstrous bird stalks the skies. Join the frightening hunt for the truth behind an infamous monsters that brings its legend to all-too-real life. Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. Watch Full Episodes, Get Behind the Scenes, Meet the Cast, and much more. It's a paranormal-packed ride as the guys investigate reports of apparitions and strange anomalies along the historic Nevada Northern Railway.

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