A great, supportive group of sisters!!

Sorority reviews and ratings for the Chi Omega chapter at Gettysburg College - GC - Greekrank Looks wise they are definitely not as good as chi o and g phi. Fraternity reviews, ratings, and rankings for Gettysburg College - GC greek life - Greekrank A lot of athletic girls but that’s definitely not the only type of girl. Dgs are amazing smart girls who are always down for a good time. Looks wise they are definitely not as good as chi o … They used to be top apparently but their reputation has gone down. Delta Gamma - ΔΓ Sorority at Gettysburg College - GC. Most interactions I've had with them have been weird, Good group of girls, fun at mixers. they take lots of girls in sports.

Soccer girls. Besides the soccer girls they get every year, the rest of their pledge classes seem to always be kind of random. DG is top with Chi O, GPhi is normally top too but they messed up big time with their recruitment this year, Associates with:Alpha Tau Omega FraternityChi Omega Sorority, Besides a few down to earth girls, they think they’re better than everyone else. all very athletic and super nice. But, their values tend to be extremely superficial and they care too much about their popularity. Hopefully we will be on campus in the spring and can mix. they generally stick to themselves. Have issues with academics and involvement but have been trying to improve on this in recent years. Haven’t really been super involved on campus, but based on social media alone they all seem to be really vibing well, Associates with:Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Top tier sorority on campus. Don’t really know anything about their new PC? Associates with:Alpha Tau Omega FraternityDelta Gamma Sorority.
Sorority reviews, ratings, and rankings for Gettysburg College - GC greek life - Greekrank A lot of nice and fun girls. If you get the chance, definitely try for DG you won't regret it! Notorious for going out a lot and having fun but also for being able to chill as well as do well in school, Associates with:Phi Gamma Delta FraternityGamma Phi Beta Sorority, Really fun girls but just think way too highly of themselves and are super entitled. Good looking girls and decently smart who are nice on the surface , especially to girls they think are cool. super chill girls and very attractive. Top 10 Most Famous Sororities And Fraternities Delta Gamma - ΔΓ Sorority at Gettysburg College - GC 2.7 senior Nov 18, 2019 10:02:54 AM Full of catty girls. Their seniors aren’t great either. Chill and fun group of ladies who are always down for a good time on the weekends. they do come off mean to nongreek people. They continue to stay at the top. Some girls seem fake at first (and some are) but a good amount of them are genuine and really care about each other. Top 10 Most Famous Sororities And Fraternities, 10 Best Sororities Based On Rating - Fall 2019. Just kind of stuck up for what they are, a middle tier sorority who used to be top. Request for your school to be featured on GreekRank. Looooveee these ladies. they come off as the girl next door type of sorority. Pc is definitely out of their usual though?? Didn't find your school?Request for your school to be featured on GreekRank. Nice of them to branch out but are they gonna fit in. Didn't find your school?Request for your school to be featured on GreekRank. They are considerably less fun than Gphi and DG and that’s why frats hate mixing with them. (like the senior class) Just look at the pc theyre in the middle tier, Associates with:Phi Gamma Delta FraternityAlpha Delta Pi Sorority.

A group of girls who is always there for you and know how to have a good time. Involved and classy. Still have an athletic image. their sisterhood seems pretty strong.

The biggest party animals this campus has ever seen and not in a good way. Do a great job of portraying themselves as genuine / normal girls that you could get along with easily. Associates with:Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. Request for your school to be featured on GreekRank. Chi O got an unreal pc this year with an extremely diverse group of girls.

Their pledge class SWEPT this year, putting them ahead of GPhi. know how to party and known for having mixers on campus! We love mixing with them because they are a lot of fun but it would be nice to see them be more genuine, Associates with:Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, they r nice individually. Seem to have a tight sisterhood! if you’re not in Greek life or sports you don’t know who any of their sisters are — Feel like they’re super uninvolved on campus outside of those two things. Chi Omega - ΧΩ Sorority at Gettysburg College - GC. 10 Best Sororities Based On Rating - Fall 2019, Top 10 Most Famous Sororities And Fraternities. if ur not on the list, ur not getting in. Still mostly athletes. they always have really solid recruitment & bid day themes. While at the same time being wild. Full of catty girls. I’ve heard that there’s drama in the chapter, but as someone w friends in DG I’ve never heard them talk about anyone in their chapter in a hurtful way, and they all seem to have a strong sisterhood. They're all so cool and so much fun to hang out with.

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