Consider the following Squaretopia, with blocks colored in for the Yellow and Blue parties. In the example above, the dots will win two out of the four districts in a vote. Some states impanel special commissions. The diamonds and dots represent voters. But not all. This preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 2 pages. "A state may take race into account as one of several factors when drawing district lines—but without a compelling reason, race cannot be the 'predominant' reason for a district’s shape," according to the Brennan Center for Justice. Suppose you need to make 7. Some states also prohibit legislative staffers and lobbyists, as well. If the majority of the votes are For in two of the districts, the measure passes. The states that use advisory commissions are: Politician commissions: Ten states create panels made up of state lawmakers and other elected officials to redraw their own legislative boundaries. The way congressional and legislative boundaries are drawn determines who wins federal and state elections, and ultimately which political party holds the power in making crucial policy decisions. "The process is marked by secrecy, self-dealing and backroom logrolling among elected officials. asked Jul 28 '17 at 20:39. When the dominate political party spreads out the weak political party across a state. Forgot password? No, because the democrats are outnumbered ten districts to two. Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. No, because the republicans outnumber the democrats by ten representatives to two. Suppose the dividing lines were drawn elsewhere. When the dominate political party crams the weak political party into one or two districts in a state. The Supreme Court followed up in 2015 by saying states could form independent, nonpartisan commissions to redraw legislative and congressional boundaries. New user? Which piece of the constitution is against gerrymandering? 39 3 3 bronze badges. In most cases, the process of drawing congressional and legislative boundaries is left to state legislatures. designed to protect incumbents of both parties. When the dominate political party spreads out the weak political party across a state. Packing . It is recommended that you start. To gain representatives and electoral votes. Suppose the voters are divided into four districts of equal area, with lines drawn along the grid. The diamonds and dots represent voters. Is it possible to divide the picture into two parts of equal area in which the apples outnumber the oranges in one of the parts? Proposition 888 is up for vote in the North District, the East District, and the South District. the equal protection clause... legislative voting districts must be the same as the population size. Gerrymandering is the process of drawing political boundaries to favor one political party over others in an electoral system. The physical impact of gerrymandering can be seen on any map of congressional districts. Some redistricting commissions are expected to resist political influence and act independently from the parties and the elected officials in that state. Redistricting must be completed in time for the 2012 elections. How could gerrymandering improve the amount of minority representation in the house? The diamonds and dots represent voters. give voters real choice and ensure politicians are accountable. In political systems where representatives are assigned based on geography, gerrymandering is an effective way to influence the outcome of elections. What is the ultimate goal of gerrymandering?

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