The Fire Coral Millepora alcicornis belongs to the class Hydrozoa, and are known as hydrocorals. The smaller polyps surrounding this gastrozooid polyp are called dactylozooids, and they number between 5 to 7. The very small nematocysts on fire corals contain tentacles that protrude from numerous surface pores (similar to jellyfishstings). Generally fire coral adopts a yellow-green or brownish branchy formation, although its external appearance often varies due to environmental factors.

The following species from the Millepora genus are currently on the IUCN Red List: The Millepora genus grows in many formations, all dependent on water movement. The zooxanthellae live inside the tissues of the coral, and provide the coral with food, which they produce through photosynthesis, so require sunlight. The hairs possess clusters of stinging cells and capture prey, which is then engulfed by gastrozooids, or feeding polyps, situated within the gastropores. The positive thing is that they grow so slow, less than 1" per year, that they can be kept in a nano tank, without the risk of over growing everything so fast. Additions of Iodine and and trace elements are suggested. I’m not a huge fan of all the bright green or deep purple specimens I usually find. Best regards. can grow up to 12" (30 cm) in height. They will cease to grow very much at it there is weak water movement. Dactylozooids have long fine hairs that protrude from the skeleton. But unexpected events may cause even the most careful diver to inadvertently brush against the reef. A mature tank (well over a year old) is advised to increase the chance of successfully keeping Millepora. Whatsapp;00201118151003 Ironically a strong, swift water current can snap this overgrown structure in half since the gorgonian is now dead and brittle underneath. The Fire Coral is on the IUCN Red List for endangered species under least concerned. The medusae contain the reproductive organs that release eggs and sperm into the water. The smooth surface is densely dotted with mouths that look like small pores. Fire Corals could be described as very hardy “soft” corals. In return, the coral provides the algae with protection and access to sunlight. Feather Dusters, Bristle Worms, Flatworms: Author: Clarice Brough CFS, Carrie McBirney, Giant Clams - Hippopus and Tridacna Clams, Online Dictionary of Aquatic Science Terms, Dr. [6], Most fire coral species have brittle skeletons that can easily be broken, for example, during storms, or by divers when diving for leisure, or when collecting fish for the aquarium trade. There is not usually both sexes in the same colony. It has been noted that 5% weekly water changes replenish many of the needed additives. The positive thing is that they grow so slow, less than 1" per year, that they can be kept in a nano tank, without the risk of over growing everything so fast. The dactylozooids polyps have a strong toxin to sting prey. This makes them no where near as dense and hard as a stony coral. Rubber banding to a plug or rock is another way that has been used.

Zooxanthellae They tend to stay within the corallum, (not extending outward past the surface of the coral), and help to digest food and pass it through the colony within the skeletal structure. In 10 years, if climate changes and ocean acidification persists, this will change the classification.
They appear in small brush-like growths on rocks and coral. These feed on Fire corals but can ingest the stinging nematocysts without digesting them.

Biodiversity and Conservation, 14: 2883 - 2899.
like small bushes. Propagation is rather simple for Millepora corals. All rights reserved. The gametes of Fire Corals are sexually mature in about 20 -30 days, much sooner than the months it can take for stony corals. The Fire Corals can be easy to care for as long as lighting and water flow are strong. Plate growth adopts a shape similar to that of the smaller nonsheet lettuce corals - erect, thin sheets, which group together to form a colony. These include the Pyrgomatina barnacles, both commensal and carnivorous marine worms, (polychaete), and Filefish from the Aluterus and Cantherhines genus. Stable tank conditions are required to keep the Millepora genus. The Millepora genus, although not susceptible to many things, does have few areas that can lead to its demise. They are also found from the Great Barrier Reef all the way around Australia's north coast and mid way down the east coast. The larger polyps are called gastrozooid polyps. Encrusting colonies are the initial growth form of these hydrocorals. They adjust themselves to the water flow in your tank as they grow, so once established try not to move them if you can. Predators are another nuisance. They also will hold their own and other corals will generally stay away from … Coral Jungle's Pets and Animal Speak - Newsletter, Marine Atlas Volume 2, Invertebrates (Baensch Marine Atlas), Aquarium Corals : Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History, Book of Coral Propagation, Volume 1 Edition 2: Reef Gardening for Aquarists, Guide to Marine Invertebrates: 500+ Essential-to-Know Aquarium Species., I am looking for either a larger one or a few smaller frags, Hello dear However, there is another way that is quite ingenious. Fire Coral is a resource under the generic Coral type of resources. There are at least 48 species with a few being M. alcicornis, M. complanata, M. dichotoma, M. exaesa, M. murrayi, M. nitida, M. platyphylla, M. squarrosa, M tenella, and M. tenera. Upon contact, an intense pain can be felt that can last from two days to two weeks. Meat tenderizer seems to be a constant as a relief cure. The Millepora corals are found at depths from 0 to 148 feet (45 m) in areas of high current and light.

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