But if you really want to see Miracle at work, check this next one out. If you choose Adean's husband focusing on Lester, Rana's offense is improved as well in the end so there's no issue. I think Lex will make raising Leen the least headache-y, as he passes down two skills that are very helpful in this regard. Similarly, Lana should get the Warp, Physic and Recover staves to give you access to them throughout the second generation. We already know from Sylvia’s part that Lex is the king of making these frail daughters gain EXP fast. There’s still squads of enemies he can deal with, attack power permitting, but he’s no longer as ridiculous. This restriction probably means Finn won't be able to frontline much in either Ch2 or Ch3. About the promotions, the mobile healer Valkyrie is practical, but the Saint can use Reserve with its A rank in staves, which is a big deal. For casual play, if you can give these two the money they need (which is not too hard), I would definitely recommend this “pairing”.

There is also a Mekkah with two k's who gets summoned here every so often, haha. Press J to jump to the feed. Planning seems to be more important than which pairings you end up making. His low magic can be sort of compensated for by giving him a Hero Sword after promotion.

I would never rely on Sol, no matter how high its activation rate might be, because it's just not a durability boost you can trust to save you in a tight spot.

Genealogy of Neir: Pairing Guide * This text contains unmarked game spoilers, so be warned. And when you cannot OHKO with this combo, Arthur just gets merked on enemy phase by whatever survives him, since he’s on half HP or below. In general it's nice to put any swords you want access to early in the second generation on these two, so things like Armorslayer, Wing Clipper, etc. Since Misha already has Pursuit, you can choose her husband without worrying about that. That’s about all you can do inheritance wise. If you fail to pair Taillte or get her murdered somewhere along the way (you monster! Otherwise many units could be graded down simply because they don't have a horse, for example.

Inheritance: If I say a father cannot pass down weapons, an exception is if the father obtains a dropped item that he can't use, but the son can--in which case it can be inherited. Midir is one of Bridget’s quickest pairings because of the lover convo granting 100 extra love points on top of their 100+4 love rating, but Beowolf can pass down C-rank swords to Patty should you want her to have any. Vantage was an easy combo with Wrath: both work when you’re on low HP, and while one increases your survivability the other does the same for your offense. and I started to make this guide.

I believe anything in storage in gen 1 is prioritized to be in storage in gen 2. In this case, both children will receive high ratings. I forgot about Fee's staff rank boost. She's a bit too strong compared to the other units when she joins, so you might want to have her use a weak weapon for a while. There are five categories that I will be rating the pairings on: Afterwards I will rank them in order of best to worst (1-5).

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