Next, use magnesis on the chest behind the iron bars and place it on the pressure plate beside the locked gate to unlock it. The hinoxes’ weak point is their eyes which you can exploit with well-placed arrow hits. They are situated south of the Finra Woods and north of the Fural Plain. The other ramp has obstacles instead of a crystal switch. Next, use magnesis again on that chest and bring it to the next room.

Link visits Faron Woods for the third and final time to find Faron in order to learn one of the four parts of the "Song of the Hero". Clear the entrance using a bomb to reveal the shrine inside. There are two pressure plates where you need to place barrels one. However, upon opening the door and entering it, Link is transported to the Temple of Time, in the past.

An Owl Statue can be found here, located behind a rock near the Lantern Shop that can be destroyed with a Bomb. Hop to the next ledge and approach the monk to complete the shrine. I heard that if you have one, kewww, you can swim through the water like a dragon soars through the sky! Now you have to shoot the crystal again after passing through the first gate and before reaching the second gate.

This requires perfect placement as it seems to work only if you placed the metallic object in the middle of the mound. This may be news to you, but some very irksome monsters have been overrunning my woods of late. Step on the seesaw then use stasis on it again so that you can climb up the ramp to the next ledge. Link takes Midna to Princess Zelda, who heals Midna and tells Link that the only way to break the curse placed on him is to obtain the Master Sword, located in the Sacred Grove deep within Faron Woods. To make your job easier, make sure to take out the minor enemies first in the nearby area before engaging the Hinoxes so you can concentrate on defeating them. To start this quest, find the NPC named Garini, in Palmorae Beach, southwest of Muwo Jeem shrine.

The Serpent’s Jaws riddle solution – Farosh’s Scale – Shae Katha Shrine. It has an exit into the southern section of Hyrule Field and an entrance near the Faron Spring that leads back to the Ordon Woods. It is possible to completely skip the key of this shrine. Talking to Coro will result in Link obtaining a free Lantern as part of a special offer, which serves to aid the young hero on his way through a cave that leads to the northern section of Faron Woods. Make sure that your bow is equipped then aim until you see the crystal. A Monkey will demonstrate this on Link's first trip to the Forest Temple by stealing his Lantern and swinging it around on a stick. Take note that these one-eyed giants have individual entries in your album so make sure to take a pic of them before finishing them off. While on Zelda's trail, Link searches for members of the Kikwi race using the Goddess Sword's Dowsing ability, finding them hiding from the invading Bokoblins in many places throughout the forest. Loot the Ancient Core from it. Ghirahim, leading a group of large fish known as Cranioc, attacked the Water Dragon Faron, mortally wounding her and scaring many of the local Parella into hiding. The northern section of the Woods is largely uninhabited, with its only residents being Coro and Trill. Before leaving the platform, use Magnesis on the chest you just looted then move the chest across to the next ledge. The entrance to the Sacred Grove is located to the west of the path to the Forest Temple. The woods are comprised of southern and northern portions, the latter being the location of the Forest Temple. Lake Floria, despite being sealed off from the outside world, seems to be in a troubled time. The upper canopies of the Trees are densely populated with Deku Babas, and, in Twilight, with Twilit Babas. This is found directly far south of Hateno Village, in the eastern tip of Mount Dunsel overlooking the Necluda Sea. The second time, Link must fly across the gap using the Golden Cucco given to him by Rusl.
Finally, jump down and use the first chest again as a counter-weight by placing it on the end of the seesaw beside the blocks. Kass is in Pagos Woods, east of Hylia Lake, in the Faron region. Shrine complete! Completing this task will make the shrine rise from the ground. Continue to the locked gate in the middle path and use the key to unlock it and reach the monk. It’s another test of strength, so you don’t get a walkthrough here, just some pictures and tips. We tried it with 4 and a quarter hearts and Mipha’s Grace still activated. Beyond Trill's Shop is the Forest Temple, which is home to many Monkeys that Link must rescue to reach the Boss's chamber. It is in the Forest Depths that Link first encounters the Ancient Hero and learns the Ending Blow. The Faron Region of Hyrule has a total of eight Faron Shrines. It is home to one of the province's two protectors, Faron the Light Spirit. A Guardian Scout III will be waiting inside. The fragment should be sitting in the middle by the cliff wall. [14] It also contains a shop that seems to be owned by Coro and run by his pet myna bird, Trill. Link eventually makes his way to the … Once inside, use Stasis on the seesaw ahead to make a ramp. You can find Kass in the Pagos Woods, east of Hylia Lake.
Now, use magnesis again on the chest you moved earlier and continue to the third seesaw. Head to the mound south of Calora Lake. The Faron Region of Hyrule has a total of eight Faron Shrines. Step on plate 2, place chest on plate 4. The shrine is out in the open so you just need to walk in there, activate it, and enter it. [6] As its name suggests, Faron Woods is part of and makes up a large majority of the overall Faron Province. Faron Woods serves as the home to the Kikwi race and the Skyview Temple. An alternative method involves you placing a metallic object on the center of the mound and stand back until the lightning hits it. The pedestal to the left will launch a chest containing a Small Key while the other pedestal will launch a chest containing Ice Arrow x5. Details are found below. Qukah Nata’s Blessing Coro runs a Lantern Shop in South Faron Woods. The Middle Kin Hinox lurks in the Uten Marsh. Next, defeat the small guardian in the next hallway, preferably using of guardian or ancient weapons.

From a distance, it will look like giant rib bones protruding from the cliff’s edge. Step on the platform then put the barrel down. Faron, the light spirit of Faron Province, lives in Faron Spring as the guardian of the Woods. Faron Woods is the first place Link visits on The Surface after departing from Skyloft. Other Targets such as Skulls, Skeletons, Jars, Orange Rupees, Deku Babas and a Scarecrow can be shot for additional points. All that remains in the present time is the Master Sword, apart from some ruins. Faron Woods,(TP | SS | BotW | LCT | HW)[1][2][3][name reference needed] also known as the Southern Wood,(TP)[4] and the Skulltula Forest,(LCT)[5] is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series. Finally, the Oldest Kin hangs out in the Rabella Wetlands.

First, find Kass in the eastern side of Calora Lake. [16] Link is able to enter the Great Tree, and proceeds to climb to the top of the large canopy towering over the surrounding Faron Woods. Master you have entered Faron Woods. Link can freely tour the Skulltula Forest: Ranger to hunt the 18 Skulltulas. Faron Woods' southern section during the ending credits of Twilight Princess.

Upon reaching the location, you’ll find three pedestals and an altar. “Where the forest dragon splays its jaws, A shrine sleeps with noble cause.”. (Refer to the image below for better directions). His song is an easy riddle to solve, but the hard part comes afterwards. This will hold the ramp in place so you can use stasis on the other seesaw, allowing you to reach the monk and complete the shrine. You don’t need to collect these fragments; just use your tablet to take photos of each and show them to Garini. The next one is found southwest of Garini’s position. Well, I decided that I'd had enough! It takes its name from the province that it is a part of, which in itself is named after the Water Dragon. Shai Utoh Shrine is immediately southeast of the stable. The fog can be easily burned away with the Lantern. Either way, the mound gets blown by the lightning, revealing the shrine within. Another method will be throwing the orbs on the water near the pedestals then raise ice columns underneath them using cryosis so that you can only pick them up and throw the orbs to their respective pedestals.

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