doubt! We recommend customers cut based on barrel position and the initial movements they make to determine the cut start. Therefore, he established his own trademark X Shift Gearboxes and started to focus only on his production company and trademark X Shift Gearboxes. The normal operation of the system will be via a solid rod; linkage or Series 4 push pull cable. In its very basic form the load cell method enables the calibrator visibility of when the driver is applying pressure or force to the gear lever.

A huge benefit is that the company was lucky to have motorsport enthusiasts among all employees. Correctly calibrated throttle blips decrease lap times. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Firstly you need to know what your new system is capable off!

As a company we limit the amount of components we manufacture for paddle shift systems, instead working with Specialist companies whom offer complete systems. This can allow gear changes to be completed and returned to full power sooner; which we all know results in faster lap times. Since 2012, all parts have been manufactured by CNC MACHO s.r.o. After three years of designing and making racing gearboxes for customers who were coming with their inquiries more and more frequently, association “František Macho KAPS Transmissions” was established by 2 companions.

Hundreds of racers run our gearboxes all around the world. Due to the number of different Civic model designations, this isn’t an exhaustive list. The gear lever option has several variations available and calibrators decided based on the ECU systems ability as to what is best suited. Failure to have. The Universal Sequential Gearbox can be used as an AWD or RWD gearbox, with front or rear mounting. We would like to provide a resource of information to enable a successful installation and calibration to give you years of good service and performance. We recommend interested parties contact us directly for lead times. Once the data is reviewed, the force of rotation; for example 14nm is reached the engine will enable the ignition cut to start and this will allow the gears to be disengaged and moved to the next gear position. Last but not least we should mention an important milestone we achieved in the Czech Republic – to start close cooperation with AutoCars Radek Fára s.r.o. There are many variants, but to cover the main topic we will consider a gear lever with a load cell and sequential gearbox with a position sensor to read the rotary position of the sequential selector barrel. This cooperation has brought us to mutual symbiosis thanks which both parties are making great progresses in terms of setting and optimizing of racing vehicles and gear ratios, worldwide promotion of PROTO cars et cetera. Holinger Sequential Gearboxes The finest most robust sequential gearboxes at realistic prices, these gearboxes are capable of withstnding serious BHP and have a fantastic reputation in long distance 24 hour events. Fitment of the Quaife QKE10J is a must for those wanting to turn the FK2 into a true performance heavyweight. The data logs show a closed loop gearshift, the four images show the various states of a closed loop gear shift. Honda’s B & K-Series engines have been used in numerous generations of Civic, alongside the Integra and CR-X. (F13 gearbox casing) Corsa 1600 16V. Initially launched in 1989 and featured in the Civic EF9, the B-Series can also be found in EG6, EG9, EK4 and EM1 iterations of Civic up to 2000, along with countless Integra, CR-X and Acura models. This beautiful JM-Imports R34 running a full closed loop system via a Syvecs ECU control system, calibrated by the formidable Romain Levesque of Uk based Race Cal Ltd. You can hear the throttle blips on the downshifts and the seamless upshifts, enabled via a DBW (Drive By Wire) throttle body. Before Pfitzner Performance Gearbox (PPG) Dog Box, Sequential gearbox, gear systems and gears are offered for sale they are put through an extensive test and development programme. Ask. sequential gearbox include:-• Rated to 375bhp • Direct replacement for Ford Type-9 gearbox • Ultra-fast sequential gearchanges • Numerous input shaft and gear lever position options • Weight approximately 38kg • Direct drive, overdrive or double overdrive • Optional heavy duty tailcase with drive flange for higher power applications In-car in the R34 you can see the clutch is never operated during normal driving, even at low speeds! This system is the optimal configuration for any sequential gearbox installed using lever operation.

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