He is moving more towards a darker side — much like Jax in, Election Protesters Take To The Streets In Washington D.C., L.A., Other U.S. Cities As Police Make Arrests, No Election Winner Yet As Vote Shows Tight Race Between Biden & Trump, Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors To Stream Live Election Event Featuring Tracee Ellis Ross, America Ferrera, Tessa Thompson, Ramy Youssef And More, ‘The Voice’ Steady To Win Monday Ratings; ‘The Good Doctor’ Returns Lower, ‘76 Days’: MTV Documentary Films Sets Release Date For COVID-19 Docu, Donald Trump Falsely Claims “We Already Won,” Even Though Votes Have Not Been Counted Or Presidential Race Called, Read What Hollywood & America Are Saying On Social Media About Their Vote, Their Anxiety & The Big Picture, Senate Still In Play After Lindsey Graham Win; Each Party Has Flipped A Seat As Nation Awaits The Final Verdict, Police Make Arrests As Election Protesters Take To The Streets In Los Angeles, D.C. & Elsewhere. "Clayton Cardenas is playing EZ's brother Angel Reyes, who is a "full patch member" of the Mayans MC Santo Padre chapter and is said to live with the burden of being the "lesser son" in a "proud Mexican family." Cardenas will play Angel Reyes, EZ's brother. 's main characters and get hyped for the brand new series! Clayton Cardenas is playing EZ's brother Angel Reyes, who is a "full patch member" of the Mayans MC Santo Padre chapter and is said to live with the burden of being the "lesser son" in a "proud Mexican family." Angel Reyes is deeper in the MC, a full patch member of the Mayans MC, the Santo Padre chapter. The episode picks after the explosive penultimate episode where the Vatos Malditos made a surprise attack on the Mayans pretty much devastated their confidence and, at the same time, fueled their need for vengeance. Presumably, he is the catalyst for EZ deciding to become a prospect member. As Mayans M.C. In the last 10 minutes, things go off the rails. Cut to EZ and Angel who have a brotherly moment before meeting with a very cocky Potter who is immediately taken down a couple of notches when they show him the incriminating pictures of the witness he had a child with. Little is known about his character at this time. That is mere speculation at this time however. EZ steps up to the plate to execute her as Angel takes Felipe away. While they search around the area for Palo, Angel gets a text from Potter of his child and then a call. Renewed for Season 3 on FX Edward James Olmos is playing EZ Reyes' father Felipe who tries to set his son on a "lawful and righteous path. It’s not every day your wife’s killer asks you to kill her so this was a very intense — and a tad bit awkward — moment.

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