On top of that, their long smooch, which Katara returns in full, before Aang goes off to fight the good fight, is completely ignored. This was a guy who was completely obsessed with how he would be looked upon in history. It had its moments, especially the one with zuko and Toph during the intermission, and it would be neat to explore the concept of “the characters see themselves and attempt to rectify them” as mentioned in the comments.
Directed by Enable comment auto-refresher | Blubabluba9990. Season one Katara preached about hope a little too much. The actress playing Aang uses the phrase "yip yip" before going into the Avatar State instead of using it to get Appa to fly.

I think it's your honor!" FAQ This is a pretty grim omen, seeing as they’re about to face the Firelord. Later, everyone corners Princess Azula, who narrowly escapes by fooling Zuko into looking up at the sky by saying "What's that? The subject I’m talking about is the relationship of our two protagonists. I can’t say that the characters are ignored because part of the joke is their individual reactions to the play. Also, he goads Zuko to side with him because treachery is "more fun".

And he got a lot of his information second-hand from witnesses, travelers and the like. After his brief conversation with Katara, the scene changes and shows the rest of the characters' events during the intermission. Long hailed as the show's undisputed worst episode, "The Great Divide" got the parody treatment in "Ember Island Players" and continues to live on as memes in the fandom. All rights reserved. Help .

Toph comforts Zuko, reassuring him that he has redeemed himself to Iroh because Zuko is with them now and that Iroh would be proud, cheering Zuko up.

The Katara actress tells him she does not think of the Avatar in a romantic way at all, and they embrace.

That was definitely the script writer speaking because any idiot with a brain could tell that those actors were nothing like the actual kids. This episode is the biggest mistake ever inflected upon the good name of Avatar. Fake Toph appears as an extremely buff man, which amuses everybody, although Zuko is shown to be stunned at the sight. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Guest stars Where’s Charlie Kaufman When You Need Him? It also begs the question: if Aang and Zuko are really killed in their final battles but no one is around to see it, does it still get an applause? She is also more of a trickster and is much perkier. More to the point: did it have to be a recap at all? It’s a crazy belief which is nonetheless quite popular among TV producers.

Sokka and Princess Yue kiss at the North Pole, with Sokka suspecting she ate pickled fish for dinner.

I understand that a kiss is a kiss – it may not be a big deal to most people in real life – but it sure seemed like a big deal in the story. The next scene in the play shows Zuko siding with Azula and pushing over Iroh, telling him he hates him for all time. You’re right that the show rarely does deal with their faults–and by extension, the consequences of those faults–that often. But in addition to being disappointed that we wouldn’t be seeing actual parodies of the characters, I, like you, was also confused about Toph’s remark. as he dies, waving a huge red piece of cloth around him. At the beginning of the play, the shots of the audience on the lower levels are shown including both men and women. When you take a piece of art and commercialize it into a kids TV show, you should expect cliches and tired tropes.
I listened to the director’s commentary on the DVD. The invasion starts with Katara telling Aang she loves him like a brother and they shake hands. I know DiMartino and Konietzko and company didn’t intend it that way, and it’s nice that they can recognize their failures (even if that joke on “The Great Divide” is pretty cruel). While “The Ember Island Players” was the last episode before Avatar’s four-part finale, it wasn’t quite the last that would be seen of the stage actors. When the actual actor surfaces, Aang reels back in shock upon seeing that a woman is playing him. His death's lack of clarity in the play refers to how his fate was never shown on screen. That is a very, very good point regarding the characters not getting a real chance to confront their personal flaws, and it definitely is one of the major missed opportunities of this episode. – It’s awesome to see the creators poke fun at their own creation (and others’ perceptions of their creation)

but the fact that this episode manages to tackle the concept of propaganda and mass media persuasion in an elegant and emotionally impactful way is already enough. They come across an iceberg with a puppet of Aang inside, and Katara uses her waterbending to release him. Cut to overhead shot of a courtyard where Aang and Zuko practice firebending using synchronized fire blasts. Now that’s a great poke at Zuko’s single-minded ambitions of Seasons’ past! Use the form below to send us your comments. I would absolutely love for you to share your complete thoughts on this episode. During the show, Aang confronts Katara about his feelings for her, leaving both confused.

This goes for the main group, of course: Zuko’s faults were always upfront and integral to his arc (not to mention ragged on by almost everyone). Suki is accurate, though some physical details are slightly exaggerated, but to a lesser extent. While the episode's good parts are very well done.

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