In effect, thieves plan thefts, whereas some cases of physical abuse may be unplanned and reactive in nature.

Title III provisions of the OAA requires states to submit to ACL a state plan for grant eligibility. How about make it original at only $13.9/page? The different forms of child abuse are child sexual abuse, pedophilia, physical abuse, child neglect, emotional neglect and failure to thrive. Abuse and neglect of the frail elderly at home: An exploration of theoretical relationships.

Confidence games occur when offenders con older persons out of their money, usually through some get-rich-quick scheme.

H. S. The panel suggested that elder abuse was unreported and undiagnosed for the following reasons: Mandatory reporting laws and training have been used to improve the ability of professionals to identify suspected cases of elder abuse. Williams Journal of Aging Studies, 12(1), 57–67. Regrettably, compared with the previous EJA from the 109th Congress, key elements were dropped in the current bill, which include but not limited to the national data collection effort, the consumer clearinghouse, and grant programs for prevention, detection, assessment, and treatment of, intervention in, investigation of, and prosecution of elder abuse. Indeed, it is now believed that child abuse victims, because of the dynamics of their victimization experience, would rarely become the primary caregiver for their aging parents (e.g., an adult offspring will not be likely to become a caregiver for a parent that was abusive). In addition, the lack of research on the need for the laws has been cited as problematic. Mendes de Leon E. O. Institutional abuses include the regulatory violations described above. Intraindividual explanations suggest that something within either the older person or the offender caused the abuse. Free research papers, are not written by our writers, they are contributed by users, so we are not responsible for the content of this free sample paper. Child abuse is any abnormal behavior, which is directed towards a child and it usually takes many forms. The most horrific thing is that the prowler beat up his biological mother causing injuries without even caring for her or having any feelings.

From this perspective, it is argued that adult children are not adequately prepared to become caregivers for their parents. It was very dark and therefore, she could not clearly see who it was. Criminological explanations that have been applied to elder abuse include the following: In this section, the way that traditional and criminological explanations have been used to explain elder abuse is considered. R. J.

In addition, older women experiencing psychological abuse repeatedly or multiple types of elder abuse were more likely to present depression or anxiety (Higgins & Follette, 2002). J. Wilson

Don't Miss a Chance to Connect With Experts. The son shows this where he has neglected his own mother to the point of beating her up (LeDuff, 1997). As criminologists have become involved in studying elder abuse, it has become apparent that some criminological explanations can be applied to the phenomenon. Nationally representative cohort focused on the issues of elder abuse will likely be time consuming and costly to obtain. Is greater self-neglect severity associated with lower levels of physical function?

In a community-based cohort, depression was significantly associated with elder abuse cases reported to APS (Lachs, Williams, O’Brien, Hurst, & Horwitz, 1997).

There are other ways to view elder abuse as a social construction. Lastly, it requires ACL to award grants to promote and expand state comprehensive elder justice systems, provide access to information, coordinate multidisciplinary efforts to reduce duplications and gaps in services in the existing systems, and standardize the collection of data relating to elder abuse. In this Maxwell Pollack Award in Aging lecture, this paper highlights the epidemiology of elder abuse as well as the complexicities in research, practice, and policy. When the elderly woman is giving her story, she burst into tears because of the way she has been so terrified of the prowler and yet she could do nothing because the prowler was her own son (LeDuff, 1997). ), Chinese older adults have been more willing to discuss and disclose family conflict and elder abuse in research studies. To address underreporting and other issues related to elder abuse, Attorney General Janet Reno asked a group of 27 experts to participate in a round table in October 2000. In contrast, among elderly persons, elderly black males have the highest rate of violence, followed by black females, white males, and white females. O’Brien M. B. Understanding cultural-specific issues on the definitions, perceptions, and factors associated with elder abuse will be critical to the future design of prevention and intervention strategies in the cultural-specific context.

Studies need to focus specifically on the risk/protective factors associated with the incident cases, as well as specific estimates of the strength of these relationships. L. The article “Morning the Life of a Beaten Toddler” describes a case of a child abuse, which was very horrific. C. Also, some experts have noted that elder spouse abuse may occur in second marriages. Odwazny Consequences of virtually any form of abuse may result in victims acting or behaving differently. Recent elder abuse research in the Chicago Chinese community has demonstrated success and has enhanced infrastructure and networks for community engaged research and community–academic partnerships. However, it is unlikely to be sufficient for individual investigators to singularly approach these studies for cooperation. Indicators of possible elder abuse should lead to a report to APS, the ombudsman, or local police.


Ramsey-Klawsnick cites “exhibitionism, voyeuristic activity, and forcing an individual to watch pornographic materials” as examples of hands-off behaviors (p. 2). R. Some have noted that it is the result of abuse occurring over the life span.

This form of abuse is very direct because the evidence, which has been brought forward, is very direct.

Mandated reporters include health care professionals, social services professionals, long-term care employees, criminal justice professionals, financial employees, and other professionals who might come into contact with older persons vulnerable to victimization. Most agree that the best response to elder abuse involves what is called a “multidisciplinary” or “integrated” response. Research is needed to explore the risk, rate, and intensity of these health services utilizations with respect to elder abuse. R.

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Social scientist Stephen Crystal (1987) argued that the area of study broadly defined the phenomenon of elder abuse so as to increase the number of “elder abuse” victims. C. Wong Former homicide investigator Joseph Soos has identified the following five types of homicide committed against elderly persons: (1) murder-for-profit killings, (2) revenge killings, (3) eldercide, (4) gerontophelia, and (5) relief-of-burden killings (cited in Payne, 2006). This sample paper on Elder Abuse Research Paper offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Echeburúa Norman

Today, the phrase is used to describe a range of behaviors that were defined in different ways in the past. In some instances, emotional abuse may be subtle. T. Lindbloom, E., Brandt, J., Hawes, C., Phillips, C., Zimmerman, D., Robinson, J., et al. The round table was titled Elder Justice: Medical Forensic Issues Relating to Elder Abuse and Neglect. Caregiver stress explanations suggest that abuse occurs because caregivers are unable to cope with the stress that arises from the caregiving situation. National Center on Elder Abuse. Associations between neighborhood park space and cognition in older adults vary by US location: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. Systematic reviews of literature suggest that there is a great gap in our knowledge about the evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies to assist the victims of elder abuse (Ploeg, Fear, Hutchison, MacMillan, & Bolan, 2009). Has anyone ever touched you without your consent?

Finally, curricula are often developed that are devoid of criminological theory.

. To make matters worse the mother used an object to beat the small innocent boy. Dong Consequently, the laws protect reporters, thereby removing their concerns about being sued for reporting misconduct. Promote care for residents in a manner and in an environment that maintains or enhances each resident’s dignity and respect in full recognition of his or her individuality. A survey of the APS workers who made referrals to the team indicated that the team was helpful in confirming abuse, documenting impaired capacity, reviewing medications and medical conditions, facilitating the conservatorship process, persuading the client or family to take action, and supporting the need for law enforcement involvement. This data will have direct relevance on the design and conduct of prevention and intervention studies.

Fear Dong Suddenly the prowler jumped from the roof towards her and attacked her. Journal of Criminal Justice, 30, 535–547.

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