Size: 26x10R12; 26x10R14; 28x10R14; 28x10R14; 30x10R14; 30x10R15. In case you didn't see yet, KJ Motorsports is running a promotion from Friday 6/15/18 through Monday 6/18/18 on ALL wheel and tire kits. The EFX tires are everything I hoped they would be. So I'm looking for something that is going to be really strong but not break the bank either. Rating/construction: 6-ply radial, DOT approved. It's also DOT approved for use on the highway in select sizes. Reason for being: The lighter-weight, trimmed-up, performance version of the ever-popular Bighorn. I really like how the OE Bighorns handle and wear that came on my RZR, but wanted something with a bit more bite and that was an 8-ply. - 26-9-12, 26-11-12 & 29-10-16 are NOT DOT approved or Radial. Love the extra side wall protection.

The EFX Moto Claw tires are a new 8 ply radial tire designed for UTV & ATV applications. 2013 XP 800 Ranger, Three 2017 Polaris 570 Full Sizes. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. We could spend all day talking about what the right wheels or tires are for your setup. | 9952 Mountain Road Quick View. See page 88. Rides great on pavement...that is why I opted for a radial. We shall see. System 3 Offroad XT300 Extreme Trail UTV Tires. Have to ride blacktop to get to creeks and trails locally. 29x9.5x15 Maxxis Carnivore. Reason for being: Built to be the most rugged tire on the market, as well as performing on any terrain or racetrack. * Orders $99 and over ship free to US Lower 48. I'm actually running the Sedona ripsaws on my camo mule in a 28x10 and love them so far. Great tires ,great traction ,love the ride these tire can take a beating.

I ride mostly rocky, hard pack areas and they've always performed well. Joined ... Has anyone ran the Maxxis Carnivores yet, that was my other option but Would like to get some feedback on those also as far as wear goes. Here are charts of which sizes these tires come in: These are just some example of the wheel and tire variety we offer. Basically a bighorn style tire on steroids.

Now available in 23-inch and 25-inch sizes. Reason for being: A smooth-riding radial that grabs traction wherever needed, regardless of terrain. Very aggressive tread, 1" lugs!!! Discussion in 'Tires & Wheels' started by jmarco89, Sep 24, 2016. See page 88. Whether it's the OG MSA Diesel to their whole new suite of "big wheels", MSA kills it in the wheel game. Reason for being: The Lobo has been engineered for durability with a fast-rolling center tread and stepped shoulder knobs for unprecedented control. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The guys at Pure OffRoad are great! Also I will add I'm looking for a 15 inch wheel not the usual 14. I have just recently got these tires for my Kawasaki Teryx well about a month now and I would have to say I highly recommend them. Interact directly with top Vendors in the Industry, find exclusive discounts and specials and participate in weekly giveaways! I put these on my 2015 XP1000 and I am not dissapointed. Mesquite thorns and cactus are my biggest problem. Obviously if you're rolling on 16" plus wheels, either BKT TR171 or BKT AT171 are going to be the clear favorite to run. They are short heavy and ride pretty hard. First, we're going to start out highlighting the new 24" FUEL Triton wheel. Seems like every time I take it out the south Texas brush country pokes rips or tears a hole in the "awesome" factory tires. Both of these tires are 8 ply radial tires and have found the happy medium between aggressive tread pattern and smooth riding. Great service. Reason for being: A great off-road racing or all-around UTV tire with an aggressive tread pattern for hard-hitting grip while accelerating in ruts. They perform just perfect in loose sand, light mud, gravel and soft to packed dirt.

Rating/construction: 8-ply bias construction, Size: 25x8R12; 25x10R12; 26x9R12; 26x12R12; 27x9R12; 27x11R12; 28x10R12; 26x9R14; 26x11R14; 27x9R14; 27x11R14; 29x9R14; 29x11R14; 30x10R14; 32x10R14; 30x10R15. Reason for being: The steel-belted Regulator is built for punishment and still provides excellent feel and trail comfort.

Rating/construction: DOT, 8-ply radial construction, Size: 30×10-14; 29×10-16; 28×11-15; 28×9-15; 27×10-14; 26×11-12; 26×9-12. Rating/construction: 8-ply radial construction; XD-K. See page 34. Next Post →.

Reason for being: A DOT tire with a unique tread design meant to work in all-terrain conditions with exceptional mileage. See page 88. Size: 30×10-14; 29×11-14; 29×9-14; 28×10-14; 27×12-12; 27×9-12; 26×12-12; 26×9-12; 25×10-12; 25×8-12. Reason for being: Now available in 23-, 25-,28- and 32-inch sizes, the Grim Reaper is known for being one of the toughest UTV tires on the market. I luv'em. - 8 ply Radial on 27, 28, 30, 32 & 33 inch sizes However, it is not the only tire Maxxis makes. Reason for being: The claim is to be the “toughest, most versatile, all-purpose directional mud, snow, sand, rock and trail tire on the market”.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think they are fairly new Maxxis Carnivore Radial Tire | ATV | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC 28x10x15 EFX Moto MTC. Rating/construction: 3-ply, 4-ply, 6-ply depending on size. Reason for being: Armor Belt construction, an aggressive tread pattern and deep side bite leave the Pro Armor Hammer ready for race or recreation. Size: 30×10-14; 28×10-14; 27×11-14; 27×9-14; 26×11-14; 26×9-14; 26×11-12; 26×9-12; 25×10-12; 25×8-12. During this time, customers will get 10% off ANY wheel and tire kit (up to $100 discount). copyright owned by hi-torque publications.

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