The Board does not presume to judge any investigation that may have been completed or to prejudge any that is still under evaluation. However, it was found in flight testing subsequent to the accident that with the aircraft trimmed at 300 knots in an aft c. g. climb configuration with maximum continuous thrust (MCT), and the PTC inoperative, the slope of the stick force curve remained essentially zero as the aircraft accelerated to 390 knots. Once the upset occurred, it was not possible to trim the horizontal stabilizer back to the nose-up position, because of the severe G-forces generated by the crew's pulling back on the yoke after the upset.[3]. In the split seconds available to them for analysis they could easily have concluded that the failure was due to heavy stick forces. The victims included Marie-Hélène Lefaucheux, a member of the French delegation to the United Nations, who was active in women's and human rights activities of the world body. We have created a browser extension.

The friction tolerance in this system is ± 5 to 6 pounds. It sounded and felt as if pods were leaving and the structure disintegrating. EAL has also modified their Collins 105 Approach Horizon to provide a more realistic presentation of altitude to the pilot. The FAA Witness who testified on maneuvering stability also stated in regard to speed stability, "When I trimmed the airplane at 300 knots, I found that the static stick-free stability was positive when I departed to 85 percent of trim, but when I increased to 115 per-cent of trim, the static stability was within the friction band and, for all practical purposes, would be called neutral." The left and right stabilizer jackscrews were within one turn of the full AND trum setting. All times herein are central standard time based on the 24-hour clock. It wishes only to note here that every possible avenue of investigation that could be explored was considered during its lengthy evaluation of this accident. Aircraft N8607 arrived in Mexico City at 2212[1] on February 24, 1964.

If one considers the additional altitude losses referred to above, the limiting altitude would be considerably higher or, conversely, the maximum dive angle for recovery would be less. The Board has devoted the last several pages to a discussion of a set of circumstances and a possible causal area largely unprovable. American singer Kenneth Spencer was also killed in the crash. This lack of stick force is caused by a shifting of the stick neutral position to a very flat portion of the load feel spring when PTC is extended. All 51 passengers and the crew of seven were fatally injured. The electric motor trims at a rate of 1/17 degree/second, and is actuated by dual toggle switches[3] on the center console, or by the autopilot. With the facsimile flight profile as a guide, and from the collected data concerning the weather, the flight, the aircraft, and crew, preliminary observations and conclusions can be made in preparation for the more important task of isolating causal areas for the disaster. Flight 304, which had originated in Mexico City, left New Orleans International Airport for Atlanta at 2:01 a.m., Central Standard Time, and disappeared from radar at 2:10 a.m. Visibility was good, although there was a light rain.

It should be noted that none of these factors in itself constitutes a hazard or even a serious situation, however, several or all of them in combination could create conditions under which control of the aircraft could be lost, partially or completely. Among the dead were American singer and actor Kenneth Spencer and Marie-Hélène Lefaucheux, a women's and human rights activist and member of the French delegation to the United Nations. Eleven of these reported hearing an explosive rumble, and three described a tornado-like sound or terrible scream. The first, a C-46, took off at 0146 and proceeded on a similar departure pattern toward the northeast.

As stated before, the possibility exists that the PTC actuator was extended. The captain of Fight 304 files an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight plan for a reduced airspeed, in accordance with company procedures for dispatch under these conditions. The elevators are connected together by a torque tube at the rear spar of the horizontal stabilizer. Moderate to severe turbulence was encountered. It does, however, imply that the pilot may be solely responsible, and as sometimes used means exactly that. Of course, if it becomes necessary for the pilot to hold a pull force against AND stabilizer, the magnitude of the force necessary does become a factor insofar as physical quality and pilot fatigue are concerned. The co-pilot...had almost two million miles on his flight log. Two flights departed New Orleans at approximately the same time as Flight 304. Eastern Air Lines Flight 304, a Douglas DC-8 flying from New Orleans International Airport to Washington Dulles International Airport, crashed on February 25, 1964.

The recorder magazine, with the record spool, and approximately 50 feet of loose unused tape were recovered. More subtle and difficult to assess, but greatly affecting the seriousness of angle and altitude, are pilot response ​times, his use of reverse thrust, whether he attempts to retrim and perhaps the most important of all, how much load he is willing or able to place on the airframe in the pullout. Applying the formula to the DC-8, the stick force per g values are a maximum of 80 and a minimum of 30 pounds.

Please note that multiple active weather layers may increase page load time and decrease page performance. It is extremely interesting to note the effects this misrigged PTC system had on the aircraft. American singer Kenneth Spencer was also killed in the crash. In a corresponding manner if the attitude has exceeded 20 degrees, the displayed rate of aircraft response to control inputs wall be slower than the actual response. Both motors provide power through differential gearing to a drive shaft ​on which a dual sprocket assembly is mounted. Flight 304 was instructed to "…contact New Orleans Center radar, frequency 123.6 now." The computer senses mach effect at high altitude and dynamic pressure below 20,000 feet, and provides the electrical signals to the actuator which actually moves the copilot's control column. Since known or forecast turbulence along the climb path is the prime criterion for selection of the climb speed, it is probable that the crew of Flight 304, unconcerned about turbulence below 14,000 feet, chose 310 knots rather than the lower rough airspeeds depicted in their flight manual. Of particular interest is NASA's finding that pilot Workload, flight deck acceleration environment, aircraft characteristics, instrumentation displays, and piloting technique can all be factors in precipitating upsets in some cases. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Normally this amount of extension would have caused the indicator on the first officer's column to be partially extended.

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