As a crew member, she brings to the table goodberry rations (maybe tastes like cranberries for that ocean-spray feel), ability to speak with aquatic beasts and plants, and she can oversee the natural healing of the ship when it becomes damaged. I'm trying to create a character who was raised and bonded with a young Dryad.
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All it would really do is remove their slight vulnerability to having dispel magic cast on them, dropping their shillelagh. æ d /; Greek: Δρυάδες, sing. It is generally impossible to distinguish a naturally born dryad from the transformed one; only older girls who became dryads after 10 or up can be recognized due to lack of distinct dryad sweat which smells like willow's leaves. Forest, Basic Rules | Design Finder 2018

Nymph’s Beauty (aura, emotion, enchantment, incapacitation, mental, primal, visual) DC 30. Nymphs in cold climates were often known to hunt upon the backs of wolves. Mielikki is the Forrest Queen, so that might be a good choice. We use Cookies to help personalize and improve Roll20. | Swords and Wizardry SRD | 5th Edition SRD Both were at court long ago and the evil queen grew jealous. as well as any other useful suggestions. my hellscape is based on Evil Dead/Dante's Inferno with a few other crossover bits related to my player's character's origins. Their leader has fallen further than any of them, yet she holds her head high. I need a bit of advice. | FateCoreSRD | 13th Age SRD On a failed save, the target is immobilized in awe for 1 minute. Traveller SRD
| Starjammer SRD

In 3.5e, Dryad's charm ability and the passionate defense of her tree is detailed in the first paragraph. The new Ghosts of Saltmarsh supplement does a nice job of creating fun seafaring scenarios.

| 5th Edition SRD | Dungeon World SRD Dryads tend to have a slender and small build. | Design Finder 2018

About. This creature was bound to her tree by the Queen of Darkness. The charmed creature regards the dryad as a trusted friend to be heeded and protected. Fey Charm. In fact, it’s entire ability set (especially goodberry), with this “recruitment” and support strategy.

I just randomly bought a PDF on running fun brawls in Taverns.

Wouldn't need to cast it more than once a day.

Hamadryads often have strange relationships with powerful and deadly fey, working together in a dualistic way despite their differences, with the hamadryad representing nature’s wonders and the other fey representing nature’s wrath. Environment: Change Shape [one-action] (polymorph, primal, transmutation). 304. agree. | Here Be Monsters | d20 Anime SRD Innate Spellcasting. She is a wild fey and not a member of either of the fey courts.

The focus then shifts to the mystery behind the Dryad, even going as far as to say that how other woodland creatures interact with Dryad is somewhat of an enigma. Languages Common, Elven, Sylvan; speak with plants, Skills Acrobatics +25, Athletics +19, Crafting +23 (+25 woodworking), Deception +30, Diplomacy +30, Intimidation +27, Nature +24, Performance +28, Stealth +25, Survival +24, Str +2, Dex +6, Con +6, Int +4, Wis +4, Cha +8, Tied to the Land AC 35; Fort +24, Ref +26, Will +24. | Starjammer SRD As it stands it should be using entangle and fey charm non-stop anyway, and it can't use barkskin and entangle at the same time. Other dryads look up to their queen as they know what she has been through. Some elven nature cults can actually convert their faithful into Dryads, so acolyte is also a solid background choice. Otherwise, the effect lasts 24 hours or until the dryad dies, is on a different plane of existence from the target, or ends the effect as a bonus action. Focus Beauty [one-action] (emotion, enchantment, incapacitation, mental, primal, visual) On a failed save, if the target was already affected by the dryad queen’s beauty, the target suffers the effects of a failed save against charm.

Club. The dryad can have no more than one humanoid and up to three beasts charmed at a time. What do Dryads worship?]) | PF2 SRD. | d20PFSRD Although the target isn't under the dryad's control, it takes the dryad's requests or actions in the most favorable way it can. Speak with Beasts and Plants.

New Pages | Recent Changes | Privacy Policy, "It's A Trap" - Haunts, Hazards, and Traps, Aegis of Empires 4: Legend of the Burning Star (Pathfinder 2E), Pathfinder (P2): Focus Spell Cards (Accessory), Pathfinder (P2): Divine Spell Cards (Accessory). Hamadryads rule over an entire forest, or a portion of an incredibly large forest, leading and protecting all dryads within. The dryad can innately cast the following spells, requiring no material components: 1/day each: barkskin, pass without trace, shillelagh., ©2020 D&D Beyond | All Rights Reserved | Powered by Fandom Games.

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