[52] As they made it back to Republic City, Bolin and Varrick immediately headed for City Hall, where they warned the world leaders that Kuvira was building a super weapon. He is agile as he was able to dodge the Dai Li's attack in attempt to escape the Earth Queen's Temple. Bolin created a large stream of lava with ease. What about plausibility? Waterbenders swing their element between solid and liquid all the time; it makes sense that earthbenders should be able to do the same. —Aang, in Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 2: Episode 13, "The Drill", In the The Legend of Korra Book 3 episode "Old Wounds", Su Yin, one of Toph's daughters, is surprised to find that Korra has never been taught how to metalbend and takes the time to teach her. A trait frequently associated with Earthbending, Metalbending takes the requirement to 11, and Bolin's one of the least stubborn earthbenders you'll see on the show. After bringing down the Red Lotus, Bolin began a relationship with Opal Beifong[8] and joined Kuvira in her goal of reuniting the divided Earth Kingdom with military force with the rank of corporal,[6] believing it gave him the opportunity to help others. When the two women emerged from the portal and a handcuffed Kuvira was escorted away, he hugged Korra, with the rest of Team Avatar soon joining in. Really, the only reason to think lavabending has anything to do with firebending is that lava is hot, and glows red like fire. [60] He is also expressive, naive, high-spirited, enthusiastic, and comfortable in his own skin. Bolin describes his earthbending style as "light on his feet", which grants him greater maneuverability and evasiveness during matches. I mean if he could learn lavabending which seems to be much harder than metalbending could he learn metalbending and maybe seismic sense as well. Too bad we don't see anything like it in the show. Eventually discovering that the airbenders were held captive underneath the Earth Queen's Temple, the team infiltrated the building that night. Tired of Zaheer's ranting, Bolin silenced the anarchist with his sock. The White Lotus Guards and Air Acolytes will be endlessly amused. [43] Residing at the metal city for a few days, Bolin used the opportunity to try his hand at metalbending under Suyin's tutelage, though he did not get the hang of the art.[14]. Either way, Mako would have witnessed his parents die a horrible way (and God forbid Bolin witnessing it too, who was even younger at the time). So it's important that we entrtain the plausibility of Bolin not being a metal bender, but the plausiblity that Toph, with all her experience, is right (and Bolin can metal bend)... that's less than relevant? This is corroborated by the post-show comic series The Search, which takes place 1 year after the original series. They are the offspring of King Bumi and Azula. He returned to Mako with the bread and gave some to him, attesting that it tasted better than what they had consumed the day before, even though they had not eaten anything that day. Bolin launched rocks at Hiroshi Sato's mecha tank. This is a great theory. History When he asked Zhu Li if he could go, she happily affirmed that he could. Before the couple could say anything, however, Bolin became startled by Jinora's spiritual projection, who had appeared to warn Team Avatar about the ongoing attack of the Triple Threat Triad on the spirit portal. Or they were adopted and he didn't know. /Noatak and Tarrlok's father, Yakone, died shortly after Noatak deserted him. To make an insecure Avatar feel better about herself, Mako formed a team with her and the others to actively do something about the Equalists in the city.

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