EXP Density: 1.5 EXP/HP Spawns in the Orange Zone and beyond, spawns in pairs in Red Zone and every zone afterward. Spawns in the deep Orange Zone and beyond. Experience: 60,000 EXP Density: 1.406 EXP/HP Disturbed Speed: 9 Melee attack creates large explosions in a triangular area centered on the Volatile Leaper, dealing damage to all player nearby.
A Speed Boost is recommended if combating it. Damage per Hit: 80 Disturbed Speed: 4.5 https://deadfrontier.fandom.com/wiki/Bosses?oldid=116167. Experience: 7,500 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dead frontier Boss map moves/website redevelopment - YouTube Disturbed Speed: 6 EXP Density: 1.125 EXP/HP be careful when looting near a map transit or near doors. This mutation comes in a pack of 4, however, they are easily knocked back, but have slightly longer attack range. EXP Density: 1.125 EXP/HP Enraged Speed: 14.

Experience: 45,000 Bosses are powerful, yet elusive creatures that stand tall among the rest of the zombie population, posing a significant threat to any who dares to challenge them. Any leftover boss not yet killed will stay until the player kills it or leaves the block, and lootable bodies will still give item for a certain additional amount of time. EXP Density: 1.5 EXP/HP Enraged Speed: 4.5, Health Points: 15,000

Experience: 16,875 An even bigger, stronger, faster spider. Across the entire Inner City, bosses are split into 6 separate groups distinguished by a certain number, from now on referred to as "threat levels." Calm Speed: 3 Experience: 300,000 Past Maps. Disturbed Speed: 4.5 Instantly kills any survivor no matter their gear. Experience: 16,875 Lootable boss corpses will be highlighted orange on the minimap. Damage per Hit: 140 Disturbed Speed: 3 These bosses drop special Crafting Materials that can be used to create weapons and armors that are far more powerful than what can be normally looted. If a fresh player who has not reached the quota enters the group, more bosses will spawn to fill that player's quota, even if other players in the group has reached theirs and thus will not receive loots from the new bosses. Enraged Speed: 16, Health Points: 200,000 Enraged Speed: 12, Health Points: 30,000

An even bigger, stronger, faster spider. Calm Speed: 4.5 Damage per Hit: 150Vomit Damage: 150Explosion Damage: 100 Enraged Speed: 12, Health Points: 2,500 The blast radius is comparable to that of a grenade launcher. Dead Frontier Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. All aforementioned boss groups follow a strict cycle as followings: At any boss block, there is also a chance that a squad of NPCs will be there to help you. Enraged Speed: 6, Health Points: 10,000 Experience: 33,750 Disturbed Speed: 4.2

These possess significantly higher durability and agility than their non-boss brethren, combined with the ability to down any survivor in as little as one to two attacks, and often will require the cooperation of multiple survivors to be taken down. Damage per Hit: 150 Damage per Hit: 150 Calm Speed: 1.2 Damage per Hit: 80 Disturbed Speed: 2.2 During Easter, Halloween and Christmas events, these mini-bosses will spawn in place of normal bosses.

Unlike normal bosses, these mini-boss packs can produce up to 4 lootable bodies, instead of only 1 or 2. Damage per Hit: 400 Enraged Speed: 6, Health Points: 7,500 Calm Speed: 2.4 Experience: 375,000 Enraged Speed: 10, Health Points: 15,000 Spawns in the Green Zone and beyond, spawns in pairs in Red Zone and every zone afterward, spawns as a normal zombie in the Wasteland but is not lootable. Explodes if the killing blow is not from a melee weapon. They are the only mini-bosses that don't carry aggro when they spawn. Ranged vomit attack reaches about 3x longest melee range.

Spawns in the Black and White Zone. Experience: 11,250 Experience: 11,250 EXP Density: 1.5 EXP/HP

Damage per Hit: 150 Spawns in the Yellow Zone and beyond, spawns in pairs in Red Zone and every zone afterward. Experience: 15,000 Spawns in large groups, and will continue to spawn until 30 minutes have passed since it began spawning, or when the weather changes. A faster and stronger burned zombie. About one in ten killed will drop Christmas Candy.
Calm Speed: 1.4

Disturbed Speed: 6 EXP Density: 1.125 EXP/HP EXP Density: 1.5 EXP/HP Calm Speed: 1.3 Health Points: 160 Event aggro will be forced on for the entire cycle, even if the player has successfully killed all bosses in the area. EXP Density: 1.95 EXP/HP Disturbed Speed: 4.5 Disturbed Speed: 5 Experience: 225

The time chosen for them is completely random and not affected by the normal 7 minute rule, and they stay for 3 hours instead of the normal bosses' 1 hour. Damage per Hit: 80Vomit Damage: 80Explosion Damage: 50 Spawns in the Yellow Zone and beyond, spawns in pairs in Red Zone and every zone afterward. *Note: If you switch map with a lootable boss, it will not drop another one so

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