this also effects the shockwave.). But they are limited. however, it can only be altered slightly.

For Tier, refer to the, Humanoid - Basic punching ghost. the bottom of its beak its now split in two, giving it three "jaws".

(roughly doubles the speed of time for the user, and halves it for their opponent) the space inside the bubble is disconnected from this universe's time, making the user look like they stopped time. Le mot Stand est écrit en Kanji幽波紋.

Also, you can view all Jojo stand stats once you create you stand.

DakunoX/is it worth to trade my the world over heaven for spoh or spp or twau, After that, you will see a white box just below the captions “Enter Your Name”.

(this doesn't work if the person has absolutely no morals and doesn't care in the slightest.)

Using our tool you can create your list of Stands, custom stands, Jojo stand ideas, and Jojo stands memes.

Moderator of r/fanStands. You can have other stuff in there too, but at least the name must be there. To become Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stands creator, we are giving you the ultimate Jojo Bizarre Stand Name Generator. When drawing a stand, please use no more space than required.

Press any button to generate a new stand. Customize the Stats, Color, Head, Body, Name, and Ability!

Hot New Top Rising.

Sans was a custom spec that the player V_rtual wished to be added to the game, after winning the First Tournament of Power.

sub-stand ability: appears as a gem on ES's head (forgot to mention it earlier) that can emit a beam of light. 12.

In the beginning, Jojo Stand names were derived from the name of Egyptian Gods and many ancient mythological characters. card.

Announcement! when someone enters this light, they feel as if they have comitted an unforgivable sin, and it weighs them down.

both kinds of clones take roughly 1.5 seconds to explode.

requiem ability: creeping death; ESR can now travel through shadows (like black sabbath) and attack through shadows, regardless of whether or not the opponent is inside the shadow, and it can pull people into the shadows, where it can absorb their soul and turn it into sand. Name. contact clones have a larger explosion range and power than non-contact clones. share. Latest update: Added Part 8 names. @Vince666Y: 58,053 people diagnosed Hot! card classic compact. the cloak is much longer now, and is in perfect condition. it can attack opponents at the cost of becoming partially visible and the limb it attacks with is now completely tangible. This trait gives 100 potency to his Mr. President. (more than Pokemon) Sleek animations!

Sticky Fingers Rework was a custom Stand that was wished by the winning team of the Third Tournament of Power (LittleBrotherE, HalWilliams, AscendedDiavolo, TheElusiveWatcher, and L0_0P).

Namesake: Instrumental composition by Eric Johnson Appearance: Cliffs of Dover takes the appearance of a humanoid figure, standing about five foot tall. Giving values to the 6 Stand parameters (Power, speed, range, durability, precision, development potential) is a good idea.

It is very easy and fun to use Our Jojo Bizarre Stand Name Generator. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Kongregate free online game Jojo's Bizarre Stand Generator - Over 1200 Stand names! A blog dedicated to stands created by fans of jojo's bizarre adventure Posts; Questions; Show us your stand; Archive; Cliffs of Dover.

these can carry out advanced commands and have a separate conciousness, allowing them to actually see and react to their surroundings. stand ability: puppeteer; when enter sandman kills someone with its bone hand, its sand enters their body (like justice) and it can control them. these clones ignore the stand's range and can go anywhere the user wishes. unforgiven is shaped like an arrow, the glow in ESR's eye sockets has now become a circular light that acts as an eye. save. ES can create infinite amounts of sand and can control as many people as it wants, but they must die to its bone hand. the legs on the 3 segments below its actual head have grown fingers, making them essentially arms that can grab (and of course punch), ACT 2 is unlocked when ACT 1's body is broken, speed without acceleration could easily beat silver chariot. Just use our amazing and easy to use free Jojo Stand Name Generator to create amazing Jojo stand names and Jojo stands list.

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The powerful characters in the series called Jojo also known as Stand users have their powerful physical manifestations that have special powers that reflect the abilities of their stand users.

「CREEPER, AW MAN: CHARGED」is the strongest evolution of 「CREEPER, AW MAN」., Always start your page with a Heading, with the name of your stand. Diplo; Surf Wax; Joji; Miracle Musical; Sleeping Powder; Kids with Guns; Nelward; Explore.
The term Stands comes from a famous and well-known anime and manga series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Hot. Create your JoJo Stands r/ fanStands. appearance: like the original but surrounded by continuous bolts of lightning (kind of like when you touch a plasma globe but actual bolts of lightning that wrap around the stand and rotate around it), ability: 「CREEPER, AW MAN: CHARGED」's abilities are an upgrade from the original stand's abilities. in: Information.

18. pinned by moderators. the tube can be freely extended by the user  the stand does not have legs, and floats around, like death 13. stand cry: high-pitched demonic screeching noise that sounds like it's echoing from the depths of satan's lair. put custom stands here if u want (meme stands somewhat recommended). Follow it up with two headings stating Abilities and Appearance.

Posted by 「ELECTRIC EYE」 6 days ago. it can create two types of clones:contact activated and non-contact activated.
if they are a stand user, ESR is now able to use their stand in battle. contact activated clones can only be created in the exact position the stand is in. ability 2: 「DON'T MINE AT NIGHT」: 「CREEPER, AW MAN: CHARGED」and its user are virtually undetectable at night and in the shadows.

speed: A (actual stand speed, i personally classify clone explosion speed at a B+), range: 5 meters from user (clones ignore this), durability: B (actual stand durability, its resistance to its explosions is a C), stand cry: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW MAN (said like tryhardninja or whoever sings the creeper aw man part). Cream Over Heaven was a custom Stand that was also wished by LittleBrotherE's team. Top. (Example: Tusk and Echoes), Bound - A stand that is bound to an item. This diagnosis generates an ability, type, stats and some other information to your own Stand. they automatically perform any action in their power that is most beneficial to the user. 18. Country Roads. my custom stand: 「CREEPER, AW MAN」 Appearance: File:F51zjhy0gjs31.jpg look at the picture and caption Ability: 「CREEPER, AW MAN」is able to create clones of itself that explode. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. humanoid form: wears a black tattered robe thing (think grim reaper) and it has a skull that looks like that of a bird, with ram-like horns sticking out the sides, with a faint red glow coming out of the eye holes. People who donated about 200 American dollars, or won a Tournament of Power event, may receive a custom Stand or spec. appearance: has the bottom half of a despacito spider, then has segments that are roughly half the size of it forming a spinal cord that can bend any which way, then has two full-size segments on top of said spinal cord, the bottom of which has four arms on it. ), The stand name is ideally a musical reference.

The powerful characters in the series called Jojo also known as Stand users have their powerful physical manifestations that have special powers that reflect the abilities of their stand users.

This article lists every Stand to appear so far in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and related media. contact and non-contact clones no longer exist, replacing them are fully autonomous ones. @ifuckedkakyoin: 65,257 people diagnosed 23 Anime Manga jjba Tweets #jjba Daily results Result patterns 1,238,630,400,000: Enter your name for diagnosis × Favorites. Classic editor History Comments (2) Share.

The artistically inclined can also include a drawing of the stand, but it's not necessary. Moderator of r/fanStands. There will be more added in the future. [NOTE]: If you ever see fahim in any public server and get 1 shot by him, then you should know the reason as to why you couldn't handle his attack. There are some stand names available on the internet.

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