However, a spokesperson for the province says the animal seen was actually a fox. Avoid areas where carcasses have been left. • Install motion-activated security lights. A Fish and Wildlife officer can provide advice on preventing cougar encounters and responding when cougar encounters are unavoidable. Cougars are often confused with other animals, and many sightings reported to wildlife agencies are found to be coyotes, bobcats, yellow dogs or even house cats. Never feed any kind of wildlife. • Keep your garbage in a container with a tightly fitting lid. This is a... 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King had some advice for those who may see a cougar. File photo, Letter of reprimand read into Olds council's record. True cougar sightings are relatively low in number as they are elusive and generally not found within heavily populated areas. Consider carrying a walking stick and pepper spray, and; Make noise to alert cougars of your presence. Ensure that all people and pets are brought inside. After a while that day, the wetlands were re-opened, it was believed the “cougar” was no longer in the area. For the second time in a few weeks, residents reported seeing a cougar in Olds. A cougar was also spotted Sept. 4 at least as early as about 8 a.m. near 46, The Fish & Wildlife emergency number -- the, Fish and wildlife officers received a report of a cougar sighting near Olds College. “If the cougar appears to be unaware of your presence, gather children and pets in close, slowly and cautiously back away and leave the area. Children are small, have high-pitched voices and are more likely to make quick, erratic movements. Close off open spaces under decks or patios with durable wire mesh. But this time, the Solicitor General’s department, which oversees Fish & Wildlife, doesn’t think that’s what they saw. "Never let your pet roam freely. Use all means at your disposal. Be prepared to use it to defend yourself if a cougar approaches within 12 metres (40 feet - equivalent to a bus length). “If you see a cougar in the distance, do not run or turn your back,” she wrote. BEAR ACTIVITY SUMMARY FOR THE BOW VALLEY (Banff National Park East Gate to Bow Valley Provincial Park) For the period: October 23 to October 30, 2020 The information below is based upon a compilation of bear information provided by government agencies and unconfirmed sightings reported by the public over the last week. Fish & Wildlife officers were advised of that alleged sighting and residents were advised to stay away from the area. King also provided some cougar safety tips to help prevent cougars from coming to your neighbourhood: • Never feed any kind of wildlife. Cougar harassed with slingshot in Banff National Park, prompting rare charges Sign in or register for your free account, Tips provided on how to deal with a cougar if you see one, On Sept. 21, a cougar was allegedly spotted in Olds for the second time in a month. As more people live and spend time in traditional cougar habitat, the past decade has seen increased sightings of cougars in Alberta. “If a cougar is hissing and snarling or staring intently and tracking your movements, do not run and do not play dead. Dave Dormer For more information about preventing conflict between people and wildlife, visit the Alberta Environment and Parks website. Cougars may be more likely to enter human-use areas if the deer there are easier to catch. A visitor had a Cougar encounter while fat biking at the CNCPP this morning. Encourage your family and neighbours to take the same preventative measures on their property. animal that was sighted was a fox,” Shawna King, a communications advisor with the Justice and Solicitor General’s office wrote in an email. Carry bear spray. The Canadian Armed Forces says Cpl. ... visit the Alberta Environment and Parks website. “Fish and wildlife officers received a report of a cougar sighting near Olds College. Show the cougar that you are not easy prey by making yourself look big and speaking loudly. Your nose may detect what your eyes cannot.". If a cougar returns to your neighbourhood, it is because it has learned that food or shelter can be easily attained there. • Close off open spaces under decks or patios with durable wire mesh.

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