A sponsor must be a person who has already received the sacrament of Confirmation and who And, oh yes, be sure to put your hand on your confirmandi’s shoulder. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. <> %���� 4 0 obj Confirmation in the Catholic Church The event I choose to go to was a confirmation ceremony. One part of the candidate’s preparation is for the sponsor to write a Confirmation letter to the candidate. All rights reserved. <> 123Helpme.com. Like Baptism and Eucharist, it is Experiencing Gods grace realistically helps us to live better lives as, we are able to enjoy God’s grace within us- We are able to connect with him like we do with our family here on earth

endobj Saint Essay Assignment Due Dec 11th In Confirmation we have the option to be Confirmed under a name other than our baptismal name. 5x�� Any copying, redistribution, or retransmission of the contents of this service without the express written consent of Loyola Press is expressly prohibited.

Specifically, Bob invited the confirmandi and their sponsors to engage in meaningful conversation about the following three topics/questions: Bob finished the evening by leading the entire group in a guided reflection. Once you have discerned and determined who your Confirmation sponsor will be, you must fill out the form below to include a two-paragraph essay on why you have chosen the sponsor referenced.

The Sacrament of Confirmation essays There are many practices of worship in the Roman Catholic religion. I am writing an essay on why I have chose my Aunt for my Confirmation sponsor. What are some good qualities a good catholic poccesses that can be looked up to by others.

Denise…. Hello, Jesus the Divine Word Catholic Church 885 Cox Road, Huntingtown, MD 20639 410-414-8304 Bulletins | Mass Times | Preschool | Contact Us. &���܎6؅�s��v]�]9�貇���W��:�9�Dn�+o���N>��/�,����+�q��~~�����wS�>�� ������5�N����X���$�F�~�V��d��7�����C�G�e���JL�}��os���m�tF^W�lYZ �n �'Xm5�E��s���ZXWᄥ���;�N� Thank you. R��Ҫ��eЀr��P� � j��l�ay�C�y���>A�3+ujFpi=Q�$�Y��] �6L5kAcӮ��U�"Ԓd�k�kGkr/�U��o_���jT��z}�-�h�h�G^�K���2aD�6e�vB��A�&vtĚ�)�b/(�ZS�L��U�AW`���xL���hP7wWm���҇������kۦ�Nf�Z��/792y�'�&�4Z~ ��8�/8�+c%�ؓSq%�y��J��a�{��:#"U$��:C�!�* 6 �p�}��,'����9j9vt�?���(�����siΜB䀍��0Og2ީ��� A sponsor takes on the role of a spiritual parent who “brings the candidate to receive the sacrament, presents him to the minister for the anointing, and will later help him to fulfill his baptismal promises faithfully under the influence of the Holy Spirit” (Rite of Confirmation … Site Comment Policy

�+���b��Ҋ'�FuP��Q�P���g�ܛ�b��(��%�3 Q�w��JvO�� The sponsor begins the letter by letting the candidate know that she is loved and recounting ways in which the candidate has blessed the sponsor. If you have mistakenly received this confirmation,

Kids’ Silly Behavior Plays Right Into My Hands, 40 Ideas for 40 Days – Lenten Activities: Declaration of DEpendence – Photos and Directions, Prayer: You Called Me to Proclaim Your Name, Prayer and Storytelling with a Digital Twist, Pop-Up Catechesis: November, the Month of All Souls, Accompaniment: Giving People the “Time of Day”. Read more >>, 800-621-1008 They can find a copy of this form here. The name that you choose can be a name of any saint, a person who you believe is good Catholic model that you strive to be, or it can be your given name. I was sitting in the back of the church and all the young adults came walking in from the main doors coming into the, sacraments play a major role in religion, each have their own divine meaning that was set forth by the Lord.

A Prayer to Help Choose a Sponsor Holy Spirit, helper and guide, give me wisdom as I choose my Confirmation sponsor. %PDF-1.5

Help me to choose a person of prayer who will teach me also to be a person of prayer who will support me in difficult times, who will guide me to make good choices, and who will challenge me when I do not.

Recently, I had the pleasure of watching my friend and Loyola Press colleague, Bob Burnham, facilitate a sponsor-candidate “meeting” at St. Cajetan at Deb’s invitation. MLB.com <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> stream }��Bk�Ԡ�V�5ɺJ�Y����_����iA/�����Wl&��gi�8WsDӌ��m�h:��\=}��r���[1���X=��ů��yb)�Z��X5X���Ƃ0�6�;�q,0qE����I����������s����2XY �����I��S��8vu�����\���{�ń$B�.��az�.��ϭ@Ǫ�;[��iym�TQ�,'�Y+�c�Fv9���}�h쌘�ZA>�F���د��W �Z"t#�H-�#�N��{=7�51�/���L���JH٦��Iw����D`�50Q?�h��5�Ь6�^�v"��� `�D���*qy����!��^o�?�2X1�6��*�xе�m She asked him to facilitate interaction and conversation between the candidates and their sponsors. Please include at least two specific examples of why you chose this person. B) Step-2: Submission Customer bank details to seller. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Confirmation is the sacrament in which one seals Baptism, where one is given the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. Good bless you all! At St. Cajetan Parish in Chicago, the Director of Religious Education, Deb Breakey, takes the role of the sponsor much more seriously.

x��Z[o��~7��0�RS�oE� ��&r9��0�@K�(X"U���ffI��� Your sponsor must be fully initiated in the Catholic Church (someone who has celebrated Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation).
Subscribe to the free Catholic Faith Formation newsletter. x��Zmo�8� ���C��z�^�^7��mzM�š��MY�ؒ+������P�)�td����3|f�����^d�f�__���t���q�{Y�����Z\K�"�e�� ������pyq��3�m�g��g��Y��>��q�����as�����DŽY��?./ރ����GvLb1�������1������U:�-ٿ//��/7�]CE��|�eNG�� �;�Y䇤�

The following questions may be used to help you gather information about your sponsor for your essay…
I am writing an essay on why I have chose my Aunt for my Confirmation sponsor. Your Confirmation Sponsor must be at least 16 years of age. 3 0 obj A sponsor should be someone you look up to as a role model of the Catholic faith. And, oh yes, be sure to put your hand on your confirmandi’s shoulder. Confirmation is the moment when two things are confirmed.

You should choose someone whom you can truly trust; someone you can share your joys and struggles with, and someone whom you feel comfortable talking with about your faith journey. The Sacrament of Confirmation essays There are many practices of worship in the Roman Catholic religion. c�~>p~��=��D� ؆�`�A����QF}�8� K^���,�3O z�J2���O�F������*���3�D�+$ZzM ��j�6�*s�V�`7���bLyk"�8>0�x�B2�0��D%:'�^�Q��d+`~��:�',�dҺ�J�2�v�M�ɖûÊBd��h�HF�I����+l���q-o���0'Þ All rights reserved. I enjoyed watching as Bob provided solid theological background on three topics (15–20 minutes each) and facilitated three meaningful conversations between the candidates and their sponsors (10 minutes each) on the topics, truly honoring the role of the sponsor as someone leading an apprentice on a faith journey. Being a sponsor is a lifelong commitment. x��[mo�F� �a?J@�p��"0��I���49Eph���(�����~��3�K. Thank you! Second, the sponsor is there to help the Christian community get to know you better.

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