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Company employee, I understand that the Laptop assigned to me remains the property of the Company.

0000004214 00000 n 0000001681 00000 n You can help secure your company’s laptops and the data stored in them by creating a laptop security policy. %%EOF endstream endobj startxref 13 déc 2005, NOC Letter of Society for Issuance of Passport, Difference Between Experience Letter and Service Certificate. LAPTOP COMPUTER POLICY BEHCON, Inc. is issuing laptop computers to certain associates to facilitate patient care and associate communication. In case the equipment gets broken due to wear and tear, I shall have it inspected with the company's tech department as soon as possible. 0000002865 00000 n

I understand that upon the termination of my employment, I shall surrender and turn over the equipment back to the company.

Such a policy might clarify that users aren't permitted to access social networking websites, play online games or browse other personal websites. 0000032523 00000 n

0000007724 00000 n

Laptops will be allocated to users based upon job responsibilities & to key employees as per Managements decision.
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I would either find the a laptop of the same vintage, or older, to replace their laptop, or if one isn't available I would get the cheapest most stripped down underpowered bulky new laptop …

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H��S�n�0��+�HMRE'hS������聠G��D��~G��CR���c��[fF��9�]��\QU�S �_��T rIK^תYW4�� 16 0 obj<>stream We expect our employees to respect and protect our company’s equipment. 14 0 obj<> endobj ��?���Ph�����[�=�8#���3N;9�H%16�x]I��NE�fݦ(����7'�ճ �K��x�[m�C;�>�zn�i?�ѓ�d���^d�|�^~�����H���ȇ&¢뎽WT�DCO�VE �����=�!�� !r�sN�*_��N`���D�΂�i�� ��`q�p�"N������}k�k����������w�B�b�"�R���O�MAq�WK��)6������>D���y��l�TL�T�8RQ��p��>�۱��}݇%v˜e`�0-��(� �f!�

0000021920 00000 n 0000000856 00000 n {�2�?�2ү1����@Aۂ�Q�ˋ��fF���[Dе?�����E64!4J��ڣ ���u��aqlk�u+���^���î��b=�). 0000003389 00000 n Company-issued equipment.

For example, an employee laptop agreement might limit use to only regular business hours for key business functions like sending email and accessing company resources.

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0000004500 00000 n 0000003086 00000 n 0000001350 00000 n Following are the terms and conditions:- Ø Ownership of the Laptop will reside with the company and the same shall be returned to the company … startxref

0000002626 00000 n 0000004084 00000 n Laptop User Agreement Form ... Portable Data Device security policies as published on the I.T. %%EOF Providers and associates shall exercise appropriate professional judgment and common sense when using BEHCON’s laptop … I have an option to purchase the equipment from the company upon due notice. The Laptop Use and Security Policy outlined below will guide my use of this productivity tool.

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