Phoebe used her levitation ability a total of 27 times during Charmed, the most she used it being in season four with 12 instances, and the least being in season six, with only 3 times that it was used. The two felt immediately attracted to each other, but when Phoebe gets a vision of Owen becoming the victim of a succubus, she and her sisters work hard to protect him. This is then acknowledged that Phoebe is the one who started the traditional creation of flying witches.

It is never revealed if she does or does not ever regain her powers of empathy and levitation since the show ended before then. Prue lost both Phoebe and Piper during, Her favorite artwork is "The Birth Of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli, Her favorite song is "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. Though this has taken away her time for the day, she still manages to pass the finals.

As a valkyrie, she retained her Wiccan powers and was able to sense Piper's pain. She could also form a protective shield with Piper and Paige with these powers. In The Wendigo, Phoebe takes on the job as Prue's assistant at Buckland's Auction House however she gives up the job by the end of the episode as she didn't really feel that she could handle the amount of premonitions of the past she would get from all the antique objects at the auction house. [1] In order to create the series, Constance M. Burge was hired as the creator as she was under contract with 20th Century Fox and Spelling Television after conceiving the drama Savannah. After Wyatt was born, all magic returned. Together, they have three daughters.

Cole makes up his mind to lose his powers forever in order to be with her, but it is forced to delay when the Brotherhood of the Thorn attempts to emerge with the human society and Cole infiltrates their base as an agent. [2] Executive producer Aaron Spelling then turned to actress Alyssa Milano, who was previously cast in another television series produced by Spelling Television, Melrose Place.

Phoebe also publishes a New York best-selling book called "Finding Love". However, her passion for magic also had a downside: she frequently found it hard to abide by the basic Wiccan rule that magic was not meant to be used for personal gain, which led to her being stripped of her active powers when she excessively exploited them. That night, Phoebe and Piper and playing with the spirit board when the pointer suddenly moves on its own, spelling "ATTIC". Phoebe is said to have the most turbulent love life of the sisters, like her forbidden relationships with the half demon Cole and her future husband, the Cupid Coop. She then decided to fake his death to protect him from her sisters. She received back her premonition power (Styx Feet Under), but still has to show the Tribunal that she isn't misusing her powers to get her other powers back. [18] Phoebe eventually pens the spell to vanquish The Source,[19] whom escapes a final vanquish by possessing the now human Cole. Phoebe was still trying to put her life back together and her time as Queen of the Underworld behind her when Cole returned from the Demonic Wasteland. It's mentioned several times that Phoebe's favorite story was Cinderella. On her quest, Phoebe finally managed to reach the portal that took her to the future. Although this statement could have been directed at Victor because of the premonition Phoebe had of him stealing the Book of Shadows.

In season 2, Phoebe's personality becomes more maturing as well as her knowledge in witchcraft. She is also the wife of Coop Halliwell.[4]. Phoebe can also cast spells, often written in iambic pentameter or as a rhyming couplet, to influence others or the world around her. Despite wanting to kill Cal in revenge, Phoebe heeds Piper's warning and tells a healed Elise her secret in order to get her help in getting Cal locked up. Last but not least, Phoebe showed herself to be a woman who was willing to accept responsibility for her previous mistakes - despite her initial hostility towards Cole when she re-encountered him after she had heard his heartfelt apologies, she acknowledged that she was also to blame for how their romance ended in tragedy, and the two came to true reconciliation. [26] This plan is stunted when a resurrected Cole returns to San Francisco eager to reconcile with Phoebe. Because the Hollow is known for absorbing people's magical powers, she and her sisters gained demonic powers after a demon tried to attack them. (The Painted World). Devastated at the accusation, Phoebe left for New York City. Phoebe then discovered that Cal had a history of abusing women and confronted Elise who, because of threatening messages from Cal, stopped printing the stories in the Bay Mirror. In From Fear to Eternity, Phoebe is hired as a secretary at SWA Properties. Recognizing that they were searching for the wrong person, she altered their plan to trying to find Neena's beloved to solve all of their problems. This action erased the Utopian future. Older Phoebe refused to tell Phoebe about the events of the future for fear of changing things for the worse.

During the first season Phoebe was very unhappy with her only power being completely passive, unable to really help her fight demons in combat like Piper or Prue. [34] Being an empath allows Phoebe to directly channel the emotions of those around her.

Worse, Prue's presence was beginning to hurt her family, because her soul and the All were reaching out to find what it had lost—the Power of Three. Apparently, Jinny was actually a Demon, and she could only be freed only at the expense of the one who freed her, so now Phoebe would have to pay the price: she had become a Genie herself, with Chris as her new master. Patty Halliwell had a premonition of the three sisters going to the past in. Bosk soon attacked the manor, and because of a protective amulet that blocked her Vanquishing Potion, Phoebe wished Jinny free. 2.

"[88] PopMatters' Michael Abernethy wrote that Milano provided "a lighter touch" to Charmed and noted that her "comic training" in sitcoms was "ideal for her carefree character" Phoebe. Phoebe is the author of the most powerful spell the Charmed Ones possess. Nayla Braun: A witch and storekeeper of Ways of the Wicca. After the succubus was destroyed, he was finally released and went out on a date with Phoebe at P3. Because he was meant to die, her continuous rescues led her to her death. Her longest on-screen relationship is with half-demon Cole Turner (Julian McMahon); they have a turbulent marriage in the fourth season, and in the fifth, following their divorce, she is compelled to vanquish him.

The season ends on a cliffhanger with Piper and Prue left for dead after losing in the fight against Shax. Besides these advanced powers, Phoebe possesses the basic powers of a witch: the ability to cast spells (which is her specialty), brew potions, scry for lost objects and people, and divine for pieces of information. This power was initially uncontrollable, but in later seasons if she wanted or pleaded for a premonition, she usually got it. When she started turning on her family, her sisters refuse to give up on her despite the Elders' urging. She once worried that it would destroy her like it almost destroyed Prue when she got the same power by accident, but Leo remarked that "She wasn't meant to have it, you are". They also commented on the outfits worn by Phoebe in the later seasons, with some critics describing them as "revealing and ridiculous costumes", "sexy" and "skimpy."

This allowed them to distract Zankou long enough for them to retrieve the Book of Shadows which he had stolen from them. Chronogically, Phoebe was the first sister to invent a spell of her own. In season four, the power advances so that Phoebe is able to glide short distances while levitating[16] and she even learns to use her power to walk on walls. Traveled back in time to 1967 and lost her active powers since she wasn't born yet. Phoebe Halliwell is a fictional character from the American television series Charmed, played by Alyssa Milano from October 7, 1998, until May 21, 2006.

When Leo tells her about the situation, she strikes a deal with the Source of All Evil; that she stays in the Underworld in exchange for the demonic sorcerer Tempus to rewind time to exactly the moment before Shax strikes.

Desires "[91] Rob Lineberger of the same publication felt that Milano's acting in the fifth season was "over the top in every way" and noted that she had a "hysterical physical presence. [83] At the 2005 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, Milano was nominated for Favorite Television Actress.

It just grew from within. However, Piper was the first sister to ever write anything in the book. [9], In the show's third season (2000–01), Phoebe receives the active power of levitation and enters a relationship with Cole Turner (Julian McMahon),[10] who is actually the demon mercenary Belthazor that was sent by The Triad (who have replaced The Council) to kill The Charmed Ones. This results in Piper's catastrophic death in the arms of Prue, and Phoebe unable to help them. Phoebe has had her first daughter with her husband Coop,[54] who is named Prudence Johnna and nicknamed P.J. Phoebe used the spell that grams taught her to banish the demon again.

Being an empath allows Phoebe to channel other people's feelings, it can be explained that it is advanced from her power of premonition as it can make her feel the pain of those she sees in her visions, and this power allows her to feel others' feelings in the present.

Phoebe was the first sister to create her own spells and also brew her own potions.

While looking through the Book of Shadows in the Manor, she receives a premonition so powerful that it causes her to hover in the air. Phoebe then spent time researching Cole's past, confiding only in Leo that she did not really vanquish Cole.

[6] In the absence of an active power, Phoebe becomes progressively adept at martial arts in order to better fight demons and warlocks.

She used this power multiple times to fend off a darklighter named Alec, but needed full concentration and anger to make it work properly. Fortunately, Phoebe eventually overcame all obstacles and passed her exams, allowing her to later graduate from college with a B.A. Although he tried to get Phoebe to help bring him back to life, she refused and asked him to move on. Phoebe receives a new power; she levitates for the first time, Phoebe's empathy allows her to channel other people's emotions. Phoebe has a premonition recalling all the painful occurrences in her life and convinces her sisters that the world they created is not a Utopia at all. Leo took little Phoebe to the realm of Whitelighters for protection. On February 28, 1978, Patty was drowned in a lake at Camp Skylark while fiending off the Water Demon. Phoebe was no longer romancing Dex. While studying at the public library, she meets a college student named Charlene Hughes, who has been studying the existence of demons. Phoebe tried but failed to sense any emotions from her. Shrunk to five inches tall and trapped in the dollhouse by the "skank" demons, In the alternative future of 2009, we saw Phoebe having the power of, Her Premonitions could advance to her not having to touch objects and people to recieve a vision, as hinted in, Phoebe's active powers were stripped away by. [26] After a series of attempts to win back Phoebe's affections,[27][28][29] even trying to seduce her to evil once again,[30] Cole is vanquished in the 100th episode of the series, "Centennial Charmed". By entering the Nexus, her powers are momentarily expanded, but she is unable to reflect emotions back at her demon-opponents, mainly because they are creations of Rennek's magic.

In England, it began to be used as a given name after the Protestant Reformation.

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