Secondary market doesn’t always supply I’m afraid. I have a Model 1891 Cavalry Moschetto Modello 91 da Cavalleria, made in Brecia in 1934. The workmanship on Italian M4 bayonets is quite good, in sharp contrast to the crudely-reworked U.S. bayonet above. It’s in very good condition as nobody messed with it for over 60 years. I can not find the numbers any where can some one help. Moschetto Modello 91/38 Truppe Speciali. Barrel length 53cm from muzzle to ammo loading area Can you please help me identify this rifle? I recently bought myself (I am pretty sure it is a Carcano). The rear sight is stamped 7.35 but the weapon appears to be chambered for 6.5.

Powered by Determined Idiots, Foreign Rifles of the Spanish Republic, 1936-1939, A Quick and Dirty Guide: Ottoman/Turkish Rifles, A Quick and Dirty Guide: Military Krag-Jørgensen Rifles, A Quick and Dirty Guide: Swiss Straight Pull Service Rifles, A Quick and Dirty Guide: Dutch Mannlichers, I have a 1896 manufactured by Brescia model 91/24 conversion to a TS. Produced until 1944.

Fixed rear sight, working swing bayonet, .65mm bore with the Serial # of TW2708. Clear identification can be time consuming but there are clear indicators to guide you. As a result of the extensive reworking, any original markings have been removed.

Moschetto Modello 91 per Truppe Speciali- on one side of the it is marked 1898- wondering if this is the first year of manufacture for this model? Additionally, some were converted to 7.92x57mm post war in attempts to market to the middle east. I would like to thank Carl Ziegler of Misc markings Any Roman numerals ? channel. I should stop including stats. The bullets when put into the barrell end of the guns will not go into the shorter (sporterized) gun but will fit into the more original looking longer gun.

I’m hoping that someone here will be able to shed some light on what exactly I’ve gotten myself into! Please let me know…. I honestly don’t know. All information is provided "as is" with all faults without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. A little play when folded is not unusual but this sounds excessive. I sent and got a trigger guard Assy. The color of the stock is between burgundy & eggplant and I have no idea what i’m looking at.Do you have any thoughts about what this rifle was used for? Then the button is released leaving the blade The scabbard's M1910-style wire belt hanger has been deleted. Terni across the bottom and 898 after it. have been observed made from recycled hilts with crossguards modified by It has HK9272 stamped on the left side of barrel.

(19.8 mm.) There is a round stamp on the sling side of the stock, very dark and haven’t been able to read it. The short rifles are all ~36″ long overall. lug catches from the first three variants can be found mixed together on fixed However, this is a misnomer, as the the earliest TS Carbines had a conventional bayonet lug. For the most part all grips on the first four Someone cut the front of the stock I guess attempting to sport it up a bit and looks bad due to the large hole left for the cleaning rod. Also mounts to the, Knife bayonet for use on the 6.5 mm. Gain twist rifling was used to extend the barrel life of this and all subsequent Carcano rifles until the Model 1938. We’d be happy to confirm the markings! This example is the push-button folding model, where blade folds into handle like a pocket knife.

Thanks. blade. shoulder well of the hilt. Folding and unfolding the FNA-BRESCIA variants have been retained by screws in escutcheons but a few fixed folders Metal but plate It is a basic Carcano action nested in Italian-made copies of Type 38 stocks, magazines, sights, etc… Produced 1938-1939. Sword bayonet for use with the 10.4 mm. Has a 2 stamped on the bolt.stock is about 12″ from the end of the barrel and the rear sight goes up to 1000 meters.the mark on the stock is half worn off.can you identify what this is? The second has no screw and the steel throatpiece is secured Can you help me out? To refer to the 2 fixed blade variants as being fourth and

Does ANYONE have an old Weaver Side Mount like the one Lee Harvey Oswald had that was mounted by Klein’s Department Store. Also the stock has been cut down unfortunately. I believe this bayonet is most likely military, due to its plain features. I read this, I have the Skennerton handbook on Carcanos… Mine is definitely a 1939 year rifle. It

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