.ugh. All Rights Reserved Liverampup, How Much Is John Cho's Net Worth? Commander Data/B-4/Dr. . Altan Inigo Soong, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 00:59. Brent has gathered 99 acting credits to his name and still has a few new projects to come in the future. A cast recording was released of the revival production.[18]. Brent Jay Spiner was born on February 2, 1949, in Houston, Texas, to Sylvia (née Schwartz) … As a main character, he appeared in all but one of the series' 178 episodes. . Vladimir Putin & Catherine the Great (Gail Chord Schuler), Angelina Ballerina Defeated EPIC BATTLE & Loree McBride Replaces Her – Videos (12-30-16 to 4-3-17), Angelina Ballerina’s Rape Fests & Yeast Bombs Sicken Millions – Videos (11-16-16 to 12-27-16), Antichrist Zack Knight Introduction – Videos (1-7-13 to 3-14-13), Behemoth Sara Avery (Possible Black Hole) & Gail’s Hood Mentality – Videos (10-19-15 to 2-25-16), Betrayal, Intrigue & Clones in Gail Chord Schuler’s Family – Videos (5-19-12 to 9-6-12), Conspiracy Law Updates & Deep State Genocidal Leader Loree McBride Biography – Videos (2-5-18 to 4-10-18), Evil Angelina Ballerina Attacks Gail Chord Schuler & Donald Trump – Videos (9-30-16 to 11-15-16), GA1L Android Attains Singularity – Videos (9-6-12 to 10-24-12), GA1L Android EPIC BATTLE Against United Jesuits & Church of Gail – Videos (10-28-12 to 1-3-13), Gabrielle Chana Introduction – Videos (1-21-11 to 4-24-11), Gail Chord Schuler Begins Writing Books Again – Videos (6-23-13 to 9-30-13), Gail Chord Schuler Dream Book Projects & Donald Trump Endorsement – Videos (7-3-15 to 10-13-15), Gail Chord Schuler Playmate of the Century, Bible for Tribulation Saints Published, New Piano – Videos (10-16-17 to 2-4-18), Gail Chord Schuler Self-Haircuts & Weight Management – Videos (5-7-16 to 7-19-16), Gail Chord Schuler U.S. In addition to the series and films, he voiced his character in several Star Trek video games, such as Star Trek: Generations, Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity, Star Trek: Hidden Evil, and Star Trek: Bridge Commander. The Brent clone looks away with a snide expression on his face, which is the total opposite of the real Brent. The Brent clone answers, seemingly proud of the fact that he’s a celebrity and Gail is not. Um. In the Cheers episode "Never Love a Goalie, Part II", he played acquitted murder suspect Bill Grand. Brent Jay Spiner (/ˈspaɪnər/; born February 2, 1949) is an American actor, comedian, musician and singer best known for his portrayal of the android Data in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and four subsequent films and in 2019, reprised the role for Star Trek: Picard. Of course, if you order one of my books, I get the book sales (which is a different matter). Spiner first … He has also enjoyed a career in the theatre and as a musician. Brent adopted his stepfather’s surname for a few years before going back to his original surname ‘Spiner ’ in 1975. In 2005, Spiner appeared in a short-lived science-fiction television series Threshold, which was canceled in November of that year after 13 episodes. A few years passed by, and when he was around six years old, his mother, Sylvia, remarried.

The production was nominated for a Tony Award. The full 2008 Dave Rabbit interview of Brent Spiner. [11] In 1984, he moved to Los Angeles, where he appeared in several pilots and made-for-TV movies. [3][4] At age 29, Jack Spiner died of kidney failure when Brent was ten months old. However, Spiner opined that he was too old to continue playing the part, as Data does not age, whereas Spiner had already aged considerably during the years in which he played the role. His website is now defunct, and the therealbrentspiner.com URL as of October 2020 shows only a landing page asking fans to visit Spiner's MySpace page. It was in high school that he felt an interest in acting. Over the years, his movies and TV shows include Star Trek: Enterprise (2004-2005), Threshold (2005-2006), Superhero Movie (2008), Fresh Hell (2011-2012), and Independence Day (1996). Brent Jay Spiner was born on February 2, 1949, in Houston, Texas, to Sylvia (née Schwartz) and Jack Spiner, a Jewish family,[1][2] who owned a furniture store. [5][6], He attended Bellaire High School in Bellaire, Texas. Change ).
Definite Marital Information On Brent Spiner's webpage www.therealbrentspiner.com, in the 'links' section, there is a link to a radio interview he did with Dave Rabbit. Nathaniel asks the Brent clone at a Star Trek convention about Gail.

Spiner appeared as a media technician in "The Advocates", a second-season episode of the Showtime cable series The Paper Chase. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. “Well, you know, nobody here knows what you are talking about, except for you, and um.” The clone has this look on his face as he says this, like he’s glad this question came up. In the interview, he refers specifically to Loree McBride as his "girlfriend". He is loved by Star Trek fans, and Hollywood fans in general, and has made a name for himself through various well-performed roles. .I like being an actor, but being a celebrity is a whole other thing. In 2008, Spiner played Dr. Strom in the feature film parody Superhero Movie. As a (very part-time) Amazon Associate, I receive a small commission if you order one of the items below from the link at this site. [25] Spiner has also guest-starred on the Syfy program Warehouse 13 as Brother Adrian in the third and fourth seasons. He made two appearances in season three (1986) of the situation comedy Mama's Family, playing two different characters. Going Democrat to Vote for Her. He was adopted by her mother, Sylvia’s second husband, Sol Mintz after the death of his biological father, Jack Spiner died due to kidney failure.

In March 2008, Spiner performed alongside Maude Maggart in a radio show/musical, Dreamland, which was released as a CD album.[21]. View all posts by Gail Chord Schuler.

The couple also has a son, Jackson Spiner, who was born on 29th June 2002. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. [14] Spiner has stated that he does not intend to play that role again, though he might be open to playing the role of Alton Soong.[15][16]. He selected that domain name because someone else bought the domain name brentspiner.com before he could do so, and he was not amenable to paying the price the owners demanded for it, which Spiner called "inflated". “So, I’d be glad to answer you privately about that. "Fresh Hell" redirects here.

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