The relationship between Kai and Bolin is complicated, and on some occasions, one-sided. When Bolin was rescued by Korra and Mako, however, he thought not a moment on the Triple Threats or their whereabouts. Bolin trusts Mako to the extent where he tells him about his feelings, such as his love for Korra. Desna asked Unalaq why he had told Korra her services as the Avatar were no longer required, to which Unalaq responded that he had lied to Korra, telling her what he "thought she needed to hear". Moved by Bolin's love declaration, Eska kissed and released him.

She’s kinda my boss.” Eska: “…Boss, girlfriend; same thing.” *cuts to Varrick and Zhu li* Fact: Varrick is Zhu li’s girlfriend

Aaron Himelstein (Desna)Aubrey Plaza (Eska) After they tried to scam a local fruit salesman, who turned out to be their cousin, Tu, their uncle, Chow recognized them and invited the brothers to come to the family apartment. That night, the twins accompanied Bolin, Mako, and Korra on a date.[7]. Losing a loved one isn't funny.

By 174 AG, Bolin and Opal were still together, though due to Bolin joining the military of the Earth Empire to bring unity to the Earth Kingdom, the couple was forced to live apart.


He promised to make it up to her, though she remained indifferent to his grand gestures. Abuse isn't funny. Guys can be just as harrassed and abused in relationships as girls.

I will protect you my feeble-turtle duk. Not to mention that just because "ships" exist doesn't mean they're okay or that people generally "accept" them.
Eska has demonstrated herself as possessive, dragging Bolin away from Korra while the earthbender was embracing the Avatar. [11] Desna is a skilled tailor, having designed and manufactured both Bolin's wedding gown and Pabu's accompanying outfit.[20].

Last appearance He had the same reaction even after multiple viewings of the film.[16]. A frustrated but patient Mako responded by carrying Bolin out of the restaurant, despite his cries and demands to be put down. Shin even offered him to provide security detail for the triad, since he apparently still trusted him. [6] Growing up in the North, Desna and Eska developed little appreciation toward the Southern Water Tribe and its inhabitants, including their cousin, Korra.[7].

When Bolin expressed how sad he would be when she left, she corrected him by stating that he would accompany her to the North to live out the remainder of their lives in "icy bliss". Bolin, growing frightened, scooted closer to Eska and put his head on her shoulder. As the group moved on again, they were ambushed by dark spirits, one of which entered the snowmobile's engine, causing the machine to go haywire, sending the twins and Bolin speeding toward a mountainside.

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Desna exchanged a confused look with Mako, but Eska, moved by Bolin's declaration of love, kissed the earthbender while melting the brothers' icy prisons. Unalaq (as chief of the Northern Water Tribe) They let Bolin slide down the slope on his own, while they used their bending to create ice shoes and skate down the mountain in perfect control, stopping with the rest of the group.

Bolin first met Pabu in Republic City, rescued him, and made him his pet. Growing up in the North, Desna and Eska developed little appreciation toward the Southern Water Tribe and its inhabitants, including their cousin, Korra.

Pabu the fire ferret, the mascot of …

He promptly went looking for him out of concern and was joined by Korra in his search throughout the city. However, Eska did express concern about how to break the news to their mother.

i’m going to take a guess and say that Desna is going to end up with Asami. Any friend of Korra is a friend of hers and the polar bear dog was trusted by Korra to protect Bolin.

Since he first became an earthbender, Bolin came to greatly admire Toph as the creator of metalbending, wanting to learn the skill himself, despite failing to do so. After Vaatu manifested himself through Unalaq, Desna and Eska turned on their father and sided with Team Avatar. His idealism, bordering on naivety, blindsided him to Kuvira's more sly actions, however, and he could easily be used to do her dirty work, like trying to convince Suyin to give up Zaofu. Later on, Bolin witnessed in terror how Amon took the bending of the mobsters, including Shady Shin. so Eska is with Bolin. When they found him about to be stripped of his earthbending by Amon, Mako quickly formed a plan to rescue him and carried it out despite all odds.[1]. He decided to invite the brothers to live in the attic of the Pro-bending Arena in exchange for working various odd jobs to pay the rent.

Chiefs of the Northern Water TribeTribal Princess of the Northern Water Tribe (Eska; formerly)Waterbending masters When Bolin came to a halt, his snowsuit entirely inflated, Eska helped him to deflate by puncturing his coat with three ice spikes.

Bolin and Ginger arrived as a couple to the premiere of the finale of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South at the Pro-bending Arena. [14] Varrick also supported Bolin's attempts to break up with Eska, especially when she attempted to forcibly marry him, suggesting that he flee. Nobody wanted me."

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Overall, he was good toward the brothers. [7], The friendship between the two continued to grow as they spent even more time together while tracking down airbenders or the Red Lotus. When Bolin asked if she wanted him as a boyfriend or a slave, she remained ambiguous and instead ordered him to win her prizes.[8]. Before they could dwell any longer on that comment, they were approached by Bolin, who asked Eska to move with him to Republic City. [5] Following Unalaq's defeat, she shared a heartfelt farewell with him as they parted ways.[1].

The death of his parents has had an emotional impact upon Bolin, becoming sad and frustrated whenever he thinks about them.

Northern Water Tribe A million scars went up and down both of her wrists. After a moment of silence and ignoring the fact that Tonraq was also present, Eska told him not to feel bad about it since she tried to kill Korra for ruining her wedding, adding that such things happen.

Just because it exists in the first place doesn't mean it's completely right and relationship goals.

(Solo, Jayden :P) La historia es mía y espero, les guste.

Eska cares greatly for her brother and his well-being, enough to openly defy Unalaq's orders and desert him to ensure Desna's safety. There, they attentively listened to the conversation Unalaq was having with Korra, though remained silent the entire time.

Following the ceremony, they discussed the matter with the other world leaders and they agreed to send Suyin Beifong to talk to Kuvira to ask her to reconsider her stance on the matter.[18]. Eska firmly told him to ignore Mako, though was intrigued by Bolin's subsequent outburst of emotion in which he revealed he had always loved her and had merely been scared when he had left her at the altar. 2 notes.

Eska blamed Korra once again for ruining her wedding, and after dodging Korra's counterattack, they pulled up on either side of the speedboat.

Desna and Eska were able to skate down a slope on ice shoes. As the Northern forces began to occupy the South, Desna and Eska were traveling through town in a rickshaw pulled by Bolin.

[15] However, after seeing Unalaq's complete lack of concern for human life after becoming the Dark Avatar, Desna readily accepted his father's ambitions as being monstrous and stated bluntly, after his father had died, that he would not miss him at all.[1]. He revealed that Bolin was recruited to help the Triple Threat Triad. They walked arm in arm past the crowds of people waiting for them, waving as they went. As the children of the chief, Desna and Eska sat at the table of honor during the royal banquet that was thrown in honor of their father.
He turned a deaf ear to criticism at his commander's address, defending her actions and berating others for simply not understanding her.[8]. Bolin eagerly told her that it did, interpreting her question as Eska wanting to ride with him, though she had intended it as Bolin driving both her and her brother as passengers, much to Bolin's chagrin. During the dinner, Bolin and Opal chatted with each other, with the former saying that he would miss Opal and the latter promising they would be together soon. [15] By working together on The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South, Bolin's trust in Varrick continued to grow, even to the point where he had enough trust in Varrick that he refused to believe Mako when he vehemently suggested that Varrick was behind the recent theft of Future Industries goods. Opal agreed, saying that she was unsure of what to do, and the two embraced, prompting Bolin to happily commend their healthy discussion of their feelings and support for one another.

It was only after Opal pointed it out and Kuvira later acknowledged it that Bolin was made aware of the cost of the help he and the rest of the army gave the citizens, namely forced slave labor and a removal to reeducation camps. When Yin still refused to evacuate, Bolin took matters in his own hands and swung her over his shoulder, ordering every other family member to enter the airship as well.

[19] This distaste extends to Korra, whom they look down on due to her Southern Water Tribe heritage, despite her being the Avatar and their paternal first cousin. [2] He also snapped at Korra when she claimed that Unalaq's merger with Vaatu would make him a monster; Desna vowed that he and Eska had complete faith in their father. It was funny how everyone knew it was a mistake and he just still went for it. However, his attempts to impress her ended up with him obliviously catering to her and her twin brother's every whim.

She reminded Bolin that her mother had assistance from Toph, Bolin's greatest idol, and suggested he overcome his fears.

However, after he professed his love to her, she gave him the chance to win her back by accompanying her and Lin on a secret and dangerous mission to free their family, an opportunity he gladly accepted, as he was willing to do anything to win back her trust. Desna and Eska prepared to take on the new rival but were once more slammed to the floor, this time by Naga, which knocked them out cold. Enemies Desna and Eska were born in 155 AG to Unalaq and Malina.

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