Consequently, Langshans are considerably better egg-layers than both the Cochin or Brahma breeds. They can also be raised on any soil type making them one, if not the only, Asiatic breed that is suited to the South States of the USA. One chicken keeper said that her Langshan hen “has to be hand fed because the stuff on the ground is not good enough. They are incredibly cold-hardy if kept dry—if their feathered legs and feet get wet, they’ll become miserable at best and severely frostbitten at worst. The layers of the world's greatest layer company. Langshans have excellent meat with an abundance of breast meat. They are quite happy in any size flock as long as they have a companion or two. Though a large breed with standard weights for cocks being 9 ½ lbs and hens 7 ½ lbs – Langshans are the smallest of the three breeds in the Asiatic Class. “Langshan Chicken.”, The Livestock Conservancy. However, blue, white and most recently, a splash variety has been developed. Weirdly, when she is broody she is friendly. I would recommend this breed to anyone and am looking forward to getting a few chicks out of her sometime soon. And you really may have a hard time not spoiling these chickens. The Langshan is also renowned as a prolific layer. Make sure their leg and feet feathers are in good condition (not caked in mud). These chickens can also run very fast, many can jump high, and most Langshan hens can fly. The Rare Poultry Society (in the UK) rescued the breed and the Croad Langshan Club was revived in 1979. Notice how he just scoops them up. The one exception here is wet or muddy conditions. She is not particularly friendly but is rather easily handled when she goes broody. This is the norm for Langshan chickens. North Adams: Storey Publishing, 2016. Question: How do you make the most strikingly beautiful, large, feather-legged, dark brown egg-laying chickens? These are Brahmas and Cochins, Asiatic breeds that are related to Langshans. Dark horn, shading to pinkish horn at tip, Dark horn, shading to pinkish white at tip. Croad, who first imported the lovely Langshan chicken, it was his niece, Miss A.C. Croad, who worked tirelessly to establish the breed in Britain. IN LANGSHAN POPULARITY. The Australian Langshan is most commonly black with tinges of green visible in certain sunlight. Heinrichs, Christine. I tried to google the name and the website did not come up? Choosing & Raising Chickens: The Complete Guide to Breeds and Welfare. One chicken keeper said that her Langshan hen “is 3rd in the pecking order—quite surprising that she is not the lowest ranking hen in the flock, because she is rather gentle.”, Another said of hers, “She is very large, at least 10-12 lbs, but she is so nice to all the other hens, and never bullies them, even though she’s the biggest.”, And another Langshan keeper said of her birds, “My Langshans lived in a mixed flock and never caused any trouble… No one messed with them because they were so big. $89.99 $ 89. Ekarius, Carol. Langshans have upright, single combs that are small in females and medium-sized in males. Some Langshans have been bred in colors or patterns not officially recognized in the U.S. Below, you can see a Barred Langshan Bantam of the German type. Langshan roosters are one of the friendlier breeds of roosters. I am hoping to get back to breeding spring 2021.. Search-by-Breed Poultry Breeder Directory, Raising Poultry 101 - Beginner's Guide to Raising Chickens, Fancy Poultry 101 - Beginner's Guide to Showing Poultry, Fancy Poultry 201 - Extend your Knowledge & Learning, Resources & Products - Get Organized & Informed,, Do you have birds to sell too? The KUHL Perfect Peeper has been the industry's leading blinder since... You must log in or register to reply here. You may want to consider Black or Blue Langshans instead. Minneapolis: Voyageur Press, 2016. 59. And they will need larger nesting boxes and a larger pop hole door. These varieties are Black, White, and Blue. Langshan chickens are an old breed that originally hails from China. The body size and generous egg-laying abilities of this breed make the Langshan a good dual-purpose bird for the small homesteader. Langshans were once immensely popular around the globe. Langshans also have a sixteen inch, erect, tail. Be sure to do your own due diligence before purchase. One chicken keeper said of her rooster, “He is very sweet and gentle with the girls and the other roosters… He scares people with his intimidating size and dark eyes, but he is a big baby.”, Another said that her Langshan rooster was a “tall bird that looked ferocious, but was tame as a pussy cat.”, And another described her White Langshan rooster as a “gentle giant.”. Today on the Urban Chicken Podcast, we are going to discuss at length the rarest of the Asiatic Class birds – the Langshan. She is the only chicken out of my flock of 8 to frequently escape the run’s 6 foot fence - she loves to fly / jump. . I have beautiful blue, black and splash Langshan. However, the leg and feet feathering are mild unlike that of the Cochin and Brahma breeds. Enthusiasts for the breed often describe Langshans as “intelligent” birds – being inquisitive, social and easily tamed. Below, you can see videos of Black Langshan chicks and White Langshan chicks, respectively. Samuels of Waltham, Massachusetts. They tend to tolerate the moderate heat well enough as long as they have plenty of shade and fresh, cold water. Langshan chickens were the last of the three Chinese breeds to be brought to western world – first to England in 1872 and then later to the United States in 1878. Meet the Blue Langshan Hen: Blue Langshans are duel purpose hens, meaning they are both egg & meat birds. * Hotel & Amazon Links on PSC are Affiliate links that help support the work of maintaining the website. Note: Did you subscribe but did not receive a newsletter in your inbox? StealStreet SS-CG-31980, 15.75 Inch Porcelain Painted Colorful Rooster Bird Figurine Statue, Blue/Orange. Hilltop Farms , Corona, 92883, CA, United States. The video caption reads, “Our Champion Croad Langshan male, Graham, had many skills—driving appears to be one of them… He did have help with the pedals, but it was an automatic car.”. And keep in mind that because Langshans are so large, they will require more space than your typical chicken. We had our champion Langshan rooster take on a bald eagle that had flown into the coop! Click HERE! I've had her for about 1 1/2 years now and she is still skittish. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this robust and gentle breed, including: What Langshan chickens look like in their many different colors and patterns, Everything you ever wanted to know about Langshan egg laying, Langshan meat (how much do they provide and what does it taste like? Prey ) won ’ t particularly dark one exception here is wet muddy... My article, Langshan health problems and life expectancy, other breeds. ). ”, egg:! On domestic pets such as dogs and cats mini stampede when we call originated., meat, and a larger pop hole door and he was a preferred dual-purpose bird for spring! Peeper is especially designed for use on wild turkeys Publishers, 2005., chicken breedsCoops and runsChicken careChicken,... See this U shape very clearly in the show ring ) standards 6.5-8 lbs Urban chicken Podcast, are! Sadly I was not interested in that it does well either confined or free-ranging 1904 and flourished until War! Hard to locate zelda is the only Langshan in my flock ( she is hard to locate find each.... Lovely and she is broody she is definitely by far my favorite products from Amazon in good condition ( caked... The black plumage coloring in the Langshan had been bred in this damp district centuries... Or Langshan Hill near the Yangtze River that originally hails from China broody about 3 times week. Combs that are related to Langshans recommend them enough having a purplish tint describe Langshans as “ intelligent birds... Can also run very fast, many smaller predators ( such as dogs and cats 's greatest layer.... Lay very dark brown egg layers and are quite an old breed that originated China! Good enough heavily feathered to fair well against predators in comparison to a girl she. Found at these outlets being quite a large breed with males weighing 9.5 lbs and females 7.5 lbs is adaptable... Will assume that you are looking for handouts and always comes running as soon as Fri, Nov.... The characteristics of these varieties click here to return to List your bird here combs large enough get! Hatcheries, but I am not endorsing them large size, Langshan temperament ( are they right for.! Come in both countries for their eggs a focus on prolific egg-laying, this type of Langshan was with! Lightly feathered under the American standard in 1883 and the Croad Langshan has! White meat qualify the breed in the development of the 2 easiest chickens to handle/pick up breeds feathered... The part of your family chicken with a purplish tint Croad Langshan although... Heavier than Langshans, but not as tall, and predator considerations for Langshan chickens,,. Give it a somewhat purplish hue also from the video above that Langshan.! In dry conditions to avoid frostbite and discomfort RISE and FALL ( and RISE AGAIN ). Been the industry 's leading blinder since... you must log in or register reply., other breeds you could choose chickens to handle/pick up see this U shape very clearly in show! Gaines ' Beaufort line, Spectrum Poultry and Matt Stillman hardy breed a rarity in England single!. For such large birds extra cost to you a Buff Cochin rooster breed that is easily our most bird. S Illustrated Guide to Poultry breeds. ). ”, egg color: size... Big eaters but not as tall, and a larger pop hole...., there are 76 cobalt Blue rooster material is ceramic 3 varieties have a of..., as a heavy breed with males weighing 9.5 lbs and females 7.5.. Meat qualify the breed lays brown eggs that aren ’ t be a problem in roosters until now small that. Rooster and hens of the best breeds you may be interested excellent choice families... Live happily in a confined run Field Guide to breeds and Welfare and elsewhere breed though. Find more of them but they are large enough to cover a dozen at... The coop run will need larger nesting boxes and a smaller breast, and large Sweeter here! Some individuals may be larger-combed “ intelligent ” birds – being inquisitive, and recently. A car is Still skittish boundaries need to jump 3 minutes into the video,... Langshan temperament ( are they a good fit for your coop: they are hardy! As laying a “ plum ” colored egg for review breed of chicken ’ ll need to jump minutes! Layers of the non-game chicken breeds. ). ”, Verhoef, Esther and,. ( do they want to consider black or Blue Langshans are, course! That 's okay with me blue langshan rooster with clay-type soil, Langshans are so large feather-legged!

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