captainformCustomVars['772605'] = ''; if(typeof cfJsHost != 'undefined'){ captainForm772606PreloadInterval5fa263ca547bb = setInterval(function(){ captainformThemeStyle['772605'] = ''; var popupParams = { He is also trained in theatre, stage … Because there’s not much of a plot to this mindless fightfest, “I Am Vengeance: Retaliation” repeatedly shows Teague being captured and then escaping and then being captured. Frost tells John that he wants John to lead a team to find and capture one of John’s former colleagues named Teague (played by Vinnie Jones), who was declared dead but the government has recently discovered that Teague is actually still alive. resize7726055fa263ca54941(wrapper); She has a telepathic link with Erebus, and their destinies are intertwined. }); He worships H.P. Tag: Bentley Kalu. Black Site is something of a misfire, but it could be so much worse. var captainformThemeStyle = {}; Spin. (document.removeEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",d),window.removeEventListener("load",d)):(document.detachEvent("onreadystatechange",d),window.detachEvent("onload",d))},d=function(){t||!document.addEventListener&&"load"!==event.type&&"complete"!==document.readyState||(t=!0,n(),e())};if("complete"===document.readyState)e();else if(document.addEventListener)document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",d),window.addEventListener("load",d);else{document.attachEvent("onreadystatechange",d),window.attachEvent("onload",d);var o=!1;try{o=null==window.frameElement&&document.documentElement}catch(a){}o&&o.doScroll&&!function c(){if(!t){try{o.doScroll("left")}catch(d){return setTimeout(c,50)}t=!0,n(),e()}}()}}; else if ('' == 'right') }; Her reason for doing so is extremely predictable, as if the movie’s title isn’t enough of a hint. Wouldn’t want to mess up that fur coat. append_element({ Javed Akhtar files defamation case against Kangana, Shibani Dandekar takes a walk down memory lane and shares details about a few of her favourite things, Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan reveals his financial condition in front Shardul Pandit; says ‘I had only Rs 4K in my account, had borrowed Rs 1.5 lakh from a friend’, My COVID story: "I kept gargling and steaming to avoid accumulation of sputum", #HowIMadeIt! } Stars: Samantha Schnitzler, Mike Beckingham, Kris Johnson, Bentley Kalu, Angela Dixon, Phoebe Robinson-Galvin, Sophia Del Pizzo, Andy Gibbins, Lauren Ashley Carter. } window.addEventListener('resize', function(){ var readyStateOverflowInterval; Teague is a former government operative who went rogue several years ago, by turning on his team (which resulted in the murder of several members), and he went underground to become a mastermind criminal. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Clive Barker. Combining that with the ever-captivating Area 51-esque locale is writer/director Tom Paton’s Black Site. He sometimes gets aroused watching the hardcore stuff, but doesn't bother worrying about whether he was a serial killer in a past life as worrying is for the weak. Contact Us jQuery(wrapper).find('a').removeAttr('href'); “I Am Vengeance: Retaliation” doesn’t waste any time in showing its nonstop parade of violent killing sprees and hand-to-hand combat. They have been used in his acting career. captainform_preload_form_popup(popupParams); } }, 50); One of the funniest things about “I Am Vengeance: Retaliation” is it repeatedly does what bad action movies do: When someone is captured or has a gun to their head, instead of being killed right away (which is what would probably happen in real life), the captor spends a lot of time talking while holding the gun (or knife or grenade or whatever weapon is used) to someone’s head/neck/whatever, thereby leaving enough time to be caught off guard and overtaken. She’s haunted by her past and isn’t living up to the legacy…that is, until Erebus (Kris Johnson; Who Needs Enemies?) Bentley Kalu It’s the type of action sequence that happens over and over until it becomes a very boring and predictable repeat loop that strangles any type of suspense this story could have had. if(typeof cfJsHost != 'undefined'){ Hit the buttons below to follow us, you won't regret it... Stuart D. Monroe is a man of many faces – father, husband, movie reviewer, published author of short horror, unsuccessful screenwriter (for now), rabid Clemson Tiger, Southern gentleman, and one hell of a model American who goes by the handle "Big Daddy Stu" or "Sir". (document.removeEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",d),window.removeEventListener("load",d)):(document.detachEvent("onreadystatechange",d),window.detachEvent("onload",d))},d=function(){t||!document.addEventListener&&"load"!==event.type&&"complete"!==document.readyState||(t=!0,n(),e())};if("complete"===document.readyState)e();else if(document.addEventListener)document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",d),window.addEventListener("load",d);else{document.attachEvent("onreadystatechange",d),window.attachEvent("onload",d);var o=!1;try{o=null==window.frameElement&&document.documentElement}catch(a){}o&&o.doScroll&&!function c(){if(!t){try{o.doScroll("left")}catch(d){return setTimeout(c,50)}t=!0,n(),e()}}()}}; var captainformDomReady = captainformDomReady || function(e){var t=!1,n=function(){document.addEventListener? Bentley Kuala Lumpur Lot 1.1, Ground Floor, Tower 2 Etiqa Twins 11 Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur +60 3 21651688 Contact dealer Get directions captainform_preload_form_popup(popupParams); He has a chest 48inches. resize7726065fa263ca547bb(wrapper); };{ jQuery(wrapper).css('top', jQuery(window).height() * 0.4 + wrapper.width() + wrapper.css('padding').replace('px', '') * 2); He graduated from the University Of Virginia, where he studied Theatre Arts, and became an on-screen Actor, Theatre actor , as well as a voice-over industry professional.He is also trained in theatre, stage combat and fight choreography and is a great singer.After moving back to the UK, he has appeared as the voice of several real-life people for radio and television productions, including the poets Claude Mackay and Langston Hughes, the jazz performer Miles Davis and the former politician Colin Powell.He has also appeared in various Theatre productions such as 'Bethlehem lights ' where he played an African Warlord to the upbeat musical theatrical production of 'Aladdin' where he played a boisterous upbeat and very like-able 'Genie'.He has a natural, smooth, deep, basso voice and is capable of a variety of accents including Standard American, various regional American accents, African, West Indian, Jamaican,and British accents. Character Copyright © 2020 Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved |, Delhi Times, Aurangabad Times, Maharashtra Times. ("elementType"in e))return!1;var n=null;if(n=e.following?e.following.parentElement:e.inside?e.inside:e.replacing?e.replacing.parentElement:"script"==e.elementType?document.head:document.body,null==n)return!1;var l=document.createElement(e.elementType);delete e.elementType,l=jQuery.extend(l,e),e.replacing?n.replaceChild(l,e.replacing):n.appendChild(l)}; } var append_element = append_element || function(e){if(void 0==e)return!1;if(! The three hoodlums at the club (who are also armed with guns) refuse to confess, so John proceeds to kill them all. var append_element = append_element || function(e){if(void 0==e)return!1;if(! ("elementType"in e))return!1;var n=null;if(n=e.following?e.following.parentElement:e.inside?e.inside:e.replacing?e.replacing.parentElement:"script"==e.elementType?document.head:document.body,null==n)return!1;var l=document.createElement(e.elementType);delete e.elementType,l=jQuery.extend(l,e),e.replacing?n.replaceChild(l,e.replacing):n.appendChild(l)}; More TV Shows & Movies. He shoots two of them to death, and he murders another one by breaking his neck. }, 50); Bentley Kalu portrayed Klaue's Mercenary in Avengers: Age of Ultron. elementType: "script", } captainformCustomVars['772606'] = ''; Contact Us jQuery(wrapper).css('top', jQuery(window).height() * 0.4 - wrapper.outerHeight());

function resize7726055fa263ca54941(wrapper){ View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. });

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Repeat. The next thing you know, John is in a bunker type of room, in a secret meeting with Frost, a crusty leader named Commander Grayson (played by David Schaal) and the five other members of the operative team tasked with finding Teague. formId: '772606' In this regard it does a solid job, even if it doesn’t knock your socks off. It’s left up to this movie’s viewers to imagine what that means.

John is apparently a legendary mercenary because even some of Teague’s thugs are slightly in awe of him. var readyStateOverflowInterval; id: "captainform_js_global_vars", captainform_create_form_popup(popupParams); Commander Grayson tells the team that their mission is to transport Teague to an “off the books” airbase then fly him to an “ever so hush-hush” area where “he’ll live out his days in a steel box.”. Découvrez toutes les infos sur Bentley Kalu, sa biographie, sa filmographie complète, son actualité. He graduated from the University Of Virginia, where he studied Theatre Arts, and became an on-screen Actor, Theatre actor , as well as a voice-over industry professional. In one scene where Rachael wishes John good luck when he temporarily goes off on his own to find Teague, she says to him, “Don’t get killed and stuff.” In another scene when John and Teague have an inevitable one-on-one showdown, Teague says to John: “You’re like herpes.
captainForm772605PreloadInterval5fa263ca54941 = setInterval(function(){ The opening scene is of mercenary-for-hire John Gold (played by Stu Bennett) storming into a strip club with an assault rifle. Created by Bojana Maljevic. var captainformDomReady = captainformDomReady || function(e){var t=!1,n=function(){document.addEventListener? Actor. if ('' == 'left') Culture Clash: A mercenary for hire ends up leading a team to capture a rogue former agent who’s become an outlaw fugitive. var readyStateOverflowInterval;

Calorie cutting for weight loss: How low is too low? Is also an accomplished dancer, and utilizes his skills for his career including, African dance styles, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Swing/Jive. However, the horror leaves plenty to be desired. Review: ‘I Am Vengeance: Retaliation,’ starring Stu Bennett and Vinnie Jones. if (document.getElementById('captainform_js_global_vars') == null) { is brought on for deportation. jQuery(wrapper).css('top', jQuery(window).height() * 0.4 - wrapper.outerHeight());

His voiceover work is virtually indistinguishable from Gary Martin's basso Volta American voice. formId: '772606' Also, there’s a smashing little orientation video for the new members of the Black Site crew that is straight out of LOST, right down the grainy ‘80s video and bad splices.

Bentley hosts dozens of events across the country to welcome the newest accepted first-year class to the Falcon fold. We also bring our family — alumni, families, students and friends — together for networking opportunities and more. }; As a nice added bonus, they nailed the poster art – it’s a beauty! var popupTrigger = jQuery("#captainformForm772605EmbedPopup5fa263ca54941"); When one of his cohorts admonishes Renner for taking his time to kill John, Renner says, “Don’t rush me. var wrapper = jQuery('#captainformForm772606EmbedPopup5fa263ca554e1'); The members of this team don’t have very distinct personalities from each other because they’re basically written as people who act like programmed robots or characters in a video game, by going into automatic fight mode when the situation calls for it. Everyone in the movie’s fight scenes is dressed head to toe in black, except for Teague’s “trophy girlfriend” fiancée Pearl (played by Jessica-Jane Stafford), who’s decked out in a fur coat and a low-cut red dress to show off her ample cleavage.

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