Giath’s Helmet (helmet) alternative choice – dropped from Giath. These are: Slice, Dragon Bite, Dragon Claw, Ultimate: Dragon Claw, Carver, Whirlwind Cut, Divider. The skill is not worth leveling up. You should aim to switch from Black Warrior Horn Bow to Kutum once you reach around 230 accuracy without your offhand.When you are 261 (using Nouver) it is actually better to use Nouver in PVE as well because of the bonus AP given in the AP brackets. Both are unprotected.

– The blade swap can be canceled immediately so it looks like you just used from awakening. I recommend experimenting with your add-ons and figuring out what is best for you, because it really depends on your personal preference and how you play your class. This is also a passive/buff which will give you a permanent knockback/stiffness +15% ignoreAwakening: Haeam’s Crescent Blade[C], This skill allows you to swap between your main hand and awakening weapon. The also have their “suck/vacuum” skill (. Offin Tett can be good when you reach certain AP brackets and if your class doesn’t depend on accuracy as much as others, but if you’re unsure whether you should be using this weapon or not, it’s much safer to just use Kzarka. Kzarka Blade Kzarka is the main weapon you will be using. This page was last edited on 8 October 2019, at 07:03. Try to also ultimate all your pieces as soon as possible, especially your armor because it will give quite a big DP boost. Spinner (trash): rank 1 is “ok” for pre-engage attack speed buffs, save your skill points for something else. On the 3rd strike it will also spin targets so that their back is facing you (PVE only). This skill can be used after Blind Thrust to inflict stiffness CC. Activate by pressing S + LMB + RMB, or Shift + Q. Various classes have different grabs.

You should focus on enhancing your weapons first and then your armor. It can help you push to the next AP bracket but at higher AP brackets the extra AP you get is smaller and you’ll be losing hit chance % at the same time on both your preawakening and your awakening. The weapon cannot be enhanced with Caphras stones though. It takes a long time to get to this stage, and there are lots of small improvements and other accessories you will use along the way, but this is ideally your softcap build for PVP. Gear, Awakening, Skills, Combos, Skill Addons (video). Your email address will not be published. The boy grew rapidly, but instead of a father known to be dead, he grew up receiving the expectations of the villagers.

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