It takes excellent personalities and talent to excel in any art sector. I was called by the colleens around me assembling Bard of Armagh would be quite a feather in your cap. Final closing date for entries is 1st October and competitors will be contacted by mid-October. Though four score and three years have flitted since then. Dormant in the subconscious mind is a craving to compose and recite. The Bard of Armagh Humorous Verse Competition; The John Pollard Foundation International Poetry Prize » more details. How I love to muse on the days of my boyhood Though four score and three years have fled by them It's king's sweet reflection that every young joy For the merry-hearted boys make the best of old men. By the side of my Kathleen, my first love, then place me, He also wrote two long narrative poems, which were published in the 1590s, and a few other shorter poems. Was crushed in its beauty by the Saxon lion's paw, New Bards are emerging each year to challenge the hardy annuals like Jimmy Rafferty, Liam McNally and Henry McGrath who have taken eight of the last ten titles between them. Also, adding a little excitement to poetry like using puns or other designs that catch the eye of readers requires a lot of skill. The Bard’s collection of 154 sonnets was first published in 1609.

The Irish language version appears to … At least for one night in the calendar year, patrons can escape from the many false, contrived, imported and predictable forms of entertainment and engage in an evening of true and original hilarity provided by the ordinary people. Mr John Makem, 34 Fergort Rd, Derrynoose, Co Armagh, N. Ireland. has been made possible by support from The Arts Council and Foras na Gaeilge.We are also delighted to be associated with Dublin UNESCO City of Literature.Part of the Inkwell Group. The Bard of Armagh Competition 2013 has prizes of £3000. Lyrics to The Bard of Armagh by The Clancy Brothers from the Very Best of the Clancy Brothers: Classic Folk, Rebel and Drinking Songs album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more!
All Rights Reserved. The Bard of Armagh contest for humorous verse  is run every November in the City Hotel in front of a delighted audience of over a thousand people. The poem must be the original work of the entrant. It was so good I was sure I was going to win but praying I'd come second I never heard from them again. New Irish Writing » more details. I am still writing a few new poems, and still doing a lot of gigs, so if you want me for a Charity Do, a party, wedding, or any occasion, please use the contact page to get in touch. The Moth Nature Writing Prize. You will find information about how bards perform and some of the events they are involved in. poetry, beauty, humor. I like the sound of The Bard of Armagh, and the crystal vase looks like it's worth having too.Not so sure about the runner-up prize - is that a non-stick frying-pan?

A party without entertainment is the dullest occasion of this era. Songwriters and lyricists are the modern bards of these days. All rights reserved. But in 2012 a new crop of bards entered the fray with the winner and runner-up, Sean McCormack from Meath and Rob Barratt from Cornwall both appearing for the first time. Call me their bold Phelim Brady, the Bard of Armagh. BT60 3DN.

Styles of presentation vary as do the limitless  themes ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime, from the battered husband to the obsessive veterinary surgeon, from the Y factor to the mid-life crisis, from the recession to the credit crunch, from the poteen well to the surrogate father, from water problems to HRT and from wedding invitations to shopping blues. To be champion of humorous verse is the burning aspiration.

It is often attributed to Patrick Donnelly.

Presently, many people searching for entertainers end their search when they manage to book the services of bards who can recite a poem, sing, and even narrate hero stories.

In this section of our website, you will learn how to find the best bards. Finals will take place in the Armagh City Hotel on Friday 22 November 2013. It should be humorous verse, suitable for family audiences and radio broadcast.

However, this website is here to cover your back. Then forget Phelim Brady, the Bard of Armagh.

Most humorous poems are uncomplicated, yet clever and underpinned by first class talents of composition and delivery.
Some of the characteristics of great bards highlighted include: Songwriters and lyricists are the modern bards of these days. lull me asleep with sweet 'Erin-go-Bragh',

Attentively follow the registration process. The Festival of Humorous Verse which has become something of a unique national treasure is now in its nineteenth year and can boast of a complete sell out for every final.

The Bard of Armagh Competition 2013 has prizes of £3000.

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