cache 6h 0m Adam Gilbert/Big Beard Creative, 09/03/2019 The house is in a secluded section of Starwood next door to Bandar’s property. It introduces you to people who have taken unconventional living to a whole new level.

Photography by Styled by

MTV has a new show out called “Extreme Cribs”. Well, it seemed rude not to go with him then. Other features include a gym, a theater and two heated lap pools. When MTV first approached her about doing the show, she was hesitant. Experience and good attitude required. Barbi Benton's House (Google Maps). ASPEN – Starwood resident Barbi Benton, a ubiquitous television presence in the 1970s and early ’80s, will be back in the spotlight next week on the MTV program “Extreme Cribs.”. Stewart Oksenhorn

Try these options, carefully selected to look sufficiently realistic. “This way, nobody has to go anywhere.

“George would say, ‘Well, you have to consider the Barbi factor,’” Prince recalls. “I was the interior designer, partly because I had the same vision that my husband had for the house, and we could not find anybody else who had that vision and was affordable. Benton – who also is a musician and singer who enjoyed success on the country charts in 1975 with the single “Brass Buckles” – also has separate practice rooms for piano and guitar. “We try to do it first class. “It’s ’60s, the ultimate hippie treat.

‘The one on the men’s room door is based on a detail from a Max Ernst, but I got them to adjust his hand so it looks like he’s taking a pee. Published in the Midwinter/Spring 2014 issue of “It looks like it could have been built yesterday. Britta Briscoe | Photography: Nicholas Koenig. via The Copper Palace, Aspen, Colorado… Tribbles and Klingons would not feel at all out of place. It made you feel you had gone back in time.

Neither is their house.

‘I didn’t know any architects so I asked a friend who edited a design magazine to recommend some. He wouldn’t go for it as a straight pond but when I told him we could have ice-skating parties, he gave in and said OK. Dallas & Harris Photography, 03/11/2020 On this episode, we are given a tour of the “Copper Palace”, a futuristic house owned by Barbi Benton (former playmate) and her developer husband George Gradow. Designed by Bart Prince - 1989-93 The Doors - Forty-seven interior doors re-create works by Picasso, Klimt, DalÍ, and others. Strong computer skills and office experience necessary. Amanda M. Faison Records from the Pitkin County Assessor’s Office in 2010 show the actual value of the land and property to be $26.3 million. By “But it’s elegant. So when we found this property he jumped on it. Ross Kribbs, 01/02/2020 Originally Benton and her husband wanted a 15,000-square-foot home, but they changed their minds since their architect had already drawn up plans for a bigger structure. Photography by I went swimming many years ago at a hotel pool [with underwater speakers] and said, ‘If I ever build a pool I have to have this.’ For swimming laps it’s the only way to go.”. Benton and her husband, a terrifyingly well-preserved 68-year-old trailer park developer called George Gradow, own one of the finest modern houses in America. People thought I was mad. Daniel Bayer, 07/19/2020

Out of the corner of one eye, I can see something that looks like the pink satin ruff of a carelessly discarded coverlet. Photography: Nicholas Koenig, Given her track record, Gradow was initially, perhaps understandably, reluctant to hand over total creative control to his wife. The lights are twinkling from underneath a ripe jungle of foliage that swells voluptuously down from the ceiling. Photography by Following a trip to India, where Benton and Gradow visited the Taj Mahal and its reflecting pond, Benton was keen on adding a pond to the Aspen property. This is the primary residence (named "Copper Palace") of the former model and her developer husband, George Gradow. The Copper Palace, which took more than four years to build, began with typical architectural concerns. By The one-time Playboy cover girl (you may fondly recall March 1970), one-time main squeeze of Hugh Hefner (long, long before the self-parody got out of hand), occasional singer (still pretty big in Sweden) and the celluloid star of classics such as Naughty Cheerleader and The Great American Beauty Contest (a turn as Miss Iowa, for any cineastes out there), is now an inventive interior designer. Jane Gendron, Cindy Hirschfeld, and Ted Katauskas, 07/14/2020

Getting local government approvals for the house was difficult, Benton said, involving many meetings with the Pitkin County commissioners.

By She bought the entire contents of a pyrite mine, added small crystals in real quartz and vast simulacra of them in fibreglass to create a practical forest of the things, demarcating the dance zones like a coral reef. Her idea was that the portraits would speak, obliquely or otherwise, of the contents of the room within. It features two swimming pools with underwater speakers, a ballroom, a disco, office space, a gym, a dark room, a master bedroom (with a revolving bed) offering views of Mount Sopris and the Roaring Fork Valley, a projection room and much more. Photography by On closer examination, it turns out that I can actually feel the bed move. Illustrations by “George has no idea how to decorate till he sees it firsthand. Aspen Sojourner Staff The Details - Benton enlisted nearly forty artists for the home. •Team Player. Officially, the house has three bedrooms and seven baths. To where, or to when, is not precisely clear. ‘I told her to find an interior designer.’, Initially, Benton did just as instructed. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.By submitting your information, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy.

It was going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. “My husband was really funny about the view. MTV has a new show out called “Extreme Cribs”. The bigger one seats 27. There are fibre-optic lights buried in the plastic resin desks in the office suites, and when the orbicular granite, sourced from an Australian mine and used in her husband’s bathroom, ran out two pieces short of finishing the job, Benton begged with the mine’s previous customers to part with some. But after experiencing the rest of the house—seven floors built around four stairwell pods, a twisting maze that constantly shifts colors and textures, architectural styles and eras—that main living area suddenly doesn’t seem so otherworldly. By ‘We wanted to be able to flick a switch and have the bed roll out onto the terrace outside. The result was eclectic extreme: ducks around a fountain, sculptures of family members above elevator doors, and more, including ceramics made by Benton and Gradow’s children and a table that once belonged to Andrew Carnegie. Seasonal positions include: -Curbside Terminal Attendant (PT & FT) $17+ -Baggage Room Tech $17+ -On-call…, Growing Professional Property Management Company has immediate entry level openings for full-time, year-round: Maintenance Technician 1 Location: Aspen Applicants must…, Newspaper Carrier Like to stay up late and listen to music? Dear Meredith: Is It Okay to Stay in My Aspen Bubble During Covid-19? You are instructed to turn past Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia’s $135 million spread and head on up the hill to a 40-acre lot near the top of the most desirably pocket of real estate in the most desirable resort in North America. Expatriate Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan was going through the county approval process for building plans on his Starwood property around the same time in the early 1990s. She is giving the full tour. The Renaissance Revival dining tables and chairs once belonged to industrialist Andrew Carnegie. “We honestly didn’t care whether anyone would like it or not; we built it for ourselves,” Benton says. Yet, the house itself really came about almost completely by accident. It’s multitiered, with each area resembling a pod. Olive & West Photography, 02/20/2020 It’s pretty neat.’, The living room floor features a mix of 17 hardwoods, all cut and numbered in Kentucky, and reassembled on site in Colorado, ‘like a jigsaw puzzle’. So salubrious is the area, in fact, it has the dubious distinction of its very own tribute in song by former resident John Denver, titled, with the songster’s signature simplicity, ‘Starwood in Aspen’. Gradow, she says, doesn’t much share her interest in the arts and was hesitant to let Benton take on the massive job of interior designer. All Rights Reserved. I got the job.’. The nude on Benton’s dressing room door means ‘I simply haven’t a thing to wear,’ she laughs. With everything—walls, sofas, ceiling, surfaces—given a rounded shape, and a magnificent view through a band of windows in the curved wall, the feel is futuristic, of traveling through space and floating in air. The house also proves that Benton is skilled at the art of persuasion.

Designed by Bart Prince - 1989-93 It all shouldn’t really work but does. The living room, for instance, enjoys fabulous views down the valley but is an unusual half-moon shape: tough to furnish and hard to live in. Now more than ever, your support is critical to help us keep our community informed about the evolving coronavirus pandemic and the impact it is having locally.

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