I slept in the dorm and loved it, it was really nice to connect with the work-exchangers in that way, the men (in this case) who assist in the daily functions of keeping Gaia running smoothly.

I didn’t know about it before but now I can’t imagine the whole experience without it! Not only did we have a really profound experience, we had a lot of fun and met some really lovely people. Jerry Rabas, the general manager, also personally provided an enormous of support to the participants. They spoke English and provided a deeper level of understanding and meaning behind the Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies. So don’t think about this anymore, just go there and let the magic happen…. * Powerful, clean medicines. Sometimes shamans mix in Datura (Toe), Nicotine, or other ingredients to make the experience more intense. From the first minute, when I got out of the car, I knew this is the right place – you can just feel it in the air without doubts! I received all of these things in just 12 days! Everyone else there will be struggling with their own demons, and I can guarantee you that you will glean from each others’ own perspectives throughout the experience, and everyone will be better off for it. Le centre dispose de tout le confort moderne, j’étais en dortoir et le lit était confortable, j’avais une couette et un oreiller, pépère quoi. I departed feeling blessed and grateful for my own experience. We did. The one thing I would add is that if you listen closely and pay attention to Christine, the founder, and the shamans, you come to see that what is offered at Gaia comes with a big vision. Backed by Scientific Research. It wasn’t all together a terrible experience and some people really appreciate the way that it is run and gain a lot out of being there. We never said they couldn’t.

With more than 12+ holidays available, easily compare packages, reviews, duration, and destinations to find all ayahuasca yoga holidays in Jamaica. Now I know that I can and I will.

A unforgettable experience that gave me important insights. The best shamans in South America work here! The best decision I’ve ever made. It is optional, but don’t miss this exquisite experience of both the masculine and the feminine medicines together. Gaia isn’t this way, Christine, Salvador and Jerry truly care about humanity and helping others heal so they can be more conscious, loving and peaceful. You really do have to come and see for yourself but I can rest assure to you that if fear is in your corner right now, that will be swept away by the love and light that shines in this healing centre. Gaia Sagrada is a quiet and spiritual place to heal whatever needs healing. Christine (the founder of Gaia Sagrada) has created a little piece of paradise in the middle of the beautiful Andes highlands in Ecuador and I sincerely thank her for that. Their wisdom and humility guide you through the ceremonies through music. At this retreat, the shamans’ (Paulina, Salvador, and Santiago) singing in beautiful tones/ harmonies and performing with various musical and shamanic tools/drumming during the ceremonies were very intense but well balanced, quite powerful, and definitely soul touching and healing/cleansing, connecting. But alas, my budget did not allow it. She is a true blessing, her aura is open and loving and she holds profound wisdom. Had to look up “solicituous,” thank you! Christine, the owner, who is also now a shaman, completed the experience. Forty-five minutes outside the Amazonian city of Pucallpa, the small retreat center Niwe Rao Xobo hosts ayahuasca ceremonies and traditional plant dietas led by Shipibo master healer Maestra Ynes. Karma yoga wasn’t too bad either as I did dishes, weeding, and gardening the San Pedro Garden (it’s beautiful too). You are a treasure!

So go in knowing that it will demand every ounce of strength you have.

it is all vegetarian and although I am a regular meat eater, the food was filling and delicious and I didn’t find myself craving meat very much. The Shaman are amazing, powerful and compassionate. Accommodations are quite nice and were more than I was expecting. Christine has the biggest heart and it reflects in the space she has created. Its hard to leave. It was just magical. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Plus we were talking about starting a family, but I was simply terrify to bring a new life into this damaged world, full of people who can hurt you. I tried self-help books, talk therapy, workshops, mediation, dieting, positive thinking, law of attraction, yoga, teaching yoga, journaling, Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration, Tantra, inspirational podcasts, praying, exercise…all of these things do work, but I was often intellectually engaging with these healing modalities rather than allowing myself to feel and be vulnerable and the positive effects did not last long. They are all true examples of what being a human should be, they all carry such wisdom and grace.

I feel rebooted, refreshed, and thankful for the experiences the people around me where strong enough, and kind enough, to share. In fact, now we simply insist on everyone using their own cup because the pandemic has happened. There was always someone to chat with, a fellow retreat participant on work-exchanger. It’s true, people make new lifelong friends at these retreats and have a new spiritual family to connect with. Food and water is so precious and you will DEFINITELY find this out when you are there. food is all vegetarian. My expectations of what I was to experience were totally exceeded and I’m in deep gratitude to Christine, Shamans Salvador, Santiago, Sophia & the whole team who make this experience so wonderful. As a result I wake up with a big smile on my face everyday.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed. lush green forested land with gardens. 4.5 durchschnittliche Veranstalterpunktzahl.
My body temperature is two degrees lower than average, so even with three wool blankets, I froze most nights until my room change.

My issues were depression and PTSD, and although I loved the experience, I did not feel the healing I had been hoping for.

When I was going to visit this beautiful places in Andes mountains I didn’t really know what to expect and I received more than I could ever imagine: breathtaking views, deep, amazing ceremonies, beautiful people and… mystic dogs! Jerry, the main admin guy is a rock who preps you with loads of info for the ceremonies so you feel a lot less nervous and much more at ease with what may or may not happen. I can not praise the organisation that gives you all insurance during your somewhat irreal journey. Maybe it’s because Christine, the director, sets an example; it’s certainly not by edict or dogma. All gender identifications/sexualities etc are all incredibly welcome just as everyone else. Christine, thank you for creating this amazing space (a bubble of love, caring and sharing) to heal and grow spiritually in an open and amazing environment. I was lucky that other guests were musicians so I had people to jam with, and my guess would be that there often are musicians at these retreats since many people who are drawn to plant medicines are drawn to music and the other way around I believe. 1.

Christine is an amazing healer and spiritual director and I am so grateful that she followed her dreams to make this place a reality. They stay on as volunteers and I can fully understand why. I was very comfortable and had incredible sleep. So if you can, stay an extra day (or two).

I was living in the past and the future and was struggling to feel and be present and concentrate. It is the most beautiful setting in the perfect surroundings and everyone here was so loving and caring, including the adorable dogs who sat next to you during ceremony if you were having a tough time.

They really and truly care about our mother earth and every single participant in the retreat. The retreat in in top-notch condition and there is a vibe of expansion (all the buildings are quite new and more to come) If you are reading this, then I am going to go ahead and assume that aya is calling to you. The reason I went is because I was suffering from depression and addiction for over 17yrs. The staff are all friendly and helpful (they enjoy what they do and actually want to be there vs. just being at a job), and the shamans are extremely wise but yet kind and down-to-Earth. If you are looking for somewhere to heal yourself and want to be in charge of your healing, then this is probably not the place for you. I am very privileged to have met them and also very grateful for Christine and the shamans to have come to together at Gaia to provide people with such an experience. I respected the diet for a month before going there, meditated A LOT on my intentions, and i know (compared to others that did not) that i went further down my “rabbit hole”. Now Gaia Sagrada Magic Mushroom Retreat brings its experience, professionalism, safety and care to the world of Magic Mushroom Retreats in Jamaica! NourishmentFarm of Life knows how to nourish you - this is our specialty! Thank you for taking the time to do a review for us! The amenities and food were all so wonderful—you could truly not have asked for more. You are a really cool mom if you and your daughter are using the medicines for transformation and walking the same path! What can I say about a place and experience that is beyond words? We love having our neighbors cows here. During these 12-day retreats, 5 ceremonies are offered: 2 Ayahuaca, 2 San Pedro, and 1 mixed with a powerful sweat lodge experience. Cheers, AL. A good night’s rest will help you make the most of the ceremony the next day.

Je savais pas dans quoi je mettais les pieds et c’était un truc de malade.

She touches the hearts of those she works with in her ceremonies. Salvador the shaman speaks english, knows what diabetes is, and knew how to assist me, expertly in navigating the layers that activated for me on the medicine. I literally could feel the energy of my fellow participant and they all told me they could feel mine…..I especially experienced this in the San Pedro and sweat lodge ceremony. Awesome, lovely people and work exchange workers where the best!! Absolutely authentic, each Shaman had their own speciality, their own magic. Let’s start with the setting. At Gaia I found a group of people ready and willing to provide love and a huge amount of support for my journey. His presence in and out of ceremony is hard to believe and again is beyond words. The strangers become family.

Get ready to meet likeminded people and create a new family who will always be there for you.

And the view of the night sky will absolutely take your breath away. I did a cleaning with Amalia in the start of the retreat which was really good. The third ceremony with sweat lodge was by far the most difficult. 1) You will be taken care of in the utmost way. There is no trickery or conspiracy about websites like AyaAdvisor.org censoring bad reviews. The shamans (Salvador & Santiago) are professional, very wise and always carry the beautiful ceremonies with much grace and lots of humour, although they are very serious about it as they genuinely are there to help heal people.
The dorm accommodations were comfortable, food was yummy after being on dieta for 2 weeks prior, yoga sessions were relaxing, and WiFi was great to keep in touch with loved ones! Came to Gaia Sagrada dazed, confused, and not knowing what to do with the rest of my life.

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