These wonderful officers will guide you through your experience as a Alpha Phi. Alpha Phi Letters. 29) Alpha Delta Chi ~ ΑΔΧ Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering. I was once greeted at an Alpha Sig annex party with a conversation about string theory – these boys know what’s going on. very bad experience with them during rush. I stepped out of my comfort zone and knew that I had made the right decision after committing to Alpha Phi as I met amazing women who shared same values and goals as I did. 27) Delta Chi Lambda ~ ΔΧΛ. This is a position that I am taking very seriously, and I look forward to seeing the future of Alpha Phi. 22) Kappa Phi Gamma ~ ΚΦΓ. Coming from a small high school, I had always pictured myself at a larger university and wanting to become as involved as possible. Saved by Alanna Weidner. I am so excited to be on the Executive Board this year and work with such a great group of girls. new pc has some wacky girls that i would not be down to hang w. we’ll see though. g phi is an awesome house which maybe I can’t even say about my own sorority here at boulder. Applying to be on the Executive Board was scary at first but I knew it would push me outside my comfort zone and allow me to be involved in Alpha Phi on a whole new level. Our house offers a study room, formal living rooms, a grand dining room, and … Joining Alpha Phi has allowed me to meet so many girls from all over, making it feel as though I did go out of state. Major: Molecular Developmental Biology and Psychology. 28) Theta Phi Alpha – ΘΦΑ. I can’t wait for the exciting events to come this year in Alpha Phi! Didn't find your school?Request for your school to be featured on GreekRank. g phi is an awesome house which maybe I can’t even say about my own sorority here at boulder. I am so excited to be a part of this executive board and lead the chapter in many great ways with the rest of the lovely exec team. My mom was in Alpha Phi and I was so excited for the potential opportunity to be in Alpha Phi and follow her footsteps. The same thing happened to me when I first walked through the doors of Alpha Phi during formal recruitment in 2018. I don’t know what Gphi was doing this year but it certainly wasn’t choosing a good PC. Fuck it, let’s rank the CU frats. I am very excited to be a part of the Executive Board this year. Alpha Phi has raised over 47,000 dollars for charity . Growing up in Colorado my whole life, I always thought I wanted to go out of state to expand my horizons. AXO somehow managed to outdo them and raise there ranking. Very average sorority, not much special about them. Living in a quad this year has given me the best memories and I can't wait to live in again next year. Alpha Phi girls are generally thought of as partiers who like to drink and have a good time. They are falling farther and farther behind the other middle tier srats and now fit in better with the bottom tier. Purchase jewelry, clothing, gifts and more. don’t get me wrong there seems like there is some chill and cute girls in this pledge class but overall it was a major flop. Being part of Alpha Phi has ultimately made Boulder my home and I am so grateful for this. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Living in has truly made my experience in Alpha Phi so worthwhile. PNMs, GPhi is a great pick and they have so many sweet, welcoming women. One of my favorite memories in Alpha Phi so far has been living in a quad with some of my best friends that I met through Aphi and getting closer to all the girls in the house. 20) Alpha Sigma Rho ~ ΑΣΡ. Alpha Phi is a support system, providing members with leadership and learning experiences well beyond your college years…for the rest of your lifetime! Let’s fuckin’ do this!!!!! I chose to go to CU Boulder because of the wonderful academics as well as the social environment. Living in the house this year has been one of the best memories I will take away from Alpha Phi and I have created so many friendships that will last a lifetime.

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