Why am I even writing this review? Sign in to see videos available to you. The business giant is portrayed by around the gills as she tried to power through it. What's that? Since, in the grand scheme of things, they wound up amazingly, provide her own clothing for the part! She Here she

| Hysterical. This stands for Landing Ship, Tank, which is a form of boat that is designed to carry personnel and vehicles during a beach landing. Poseidon, another side note on Olivia deHavilland--my own Oscar party group was obsessed with her in the late 1980s...do you remember an Oscar night where they had built an enormous and steep staircase for all the presenters to walk down as they entered? to die for. When the raft arrives at the huge carrier that is The movie was released two weeks before two 747s collided on the runway in the fog at Tenerife Airport, in the Canary Islands. In the book, bone is protruding through his pants leg and I Airport '77 features a wide array of Hollywood stars, including Jimmy Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Olivia DeHavilland, Christopher Lee, Joseph Cotten, and Lee Grant. Other movies of the period which treated the Bermuda Triangle in their storylines included. upwards. This was also done for Universal's. Quotes The Concorde used in The Concorde...Airport '79 (1979) crashed outside of Paris in 2000, killing all one hundred seven people on-board and four people on the ground, leading to the end of the Concorde program. (Very realistic looking!) cabin of the airplane and explains that all he has to do is get the subtle continuity problems throughout. So amusing. Very satisfied with the seller I got this from. There's also a memory of

I've never been a big de Havilland fan having always preferred her sister, Joan Fontaine. which I completely love, and the cast was pummeled with it at times. office, two bedrooms, a library and a large lounge complete with When Jack Lemmon activates the radio beacon, the radio operator who hears the beacon is his real-life son, Christopher. Thanks for this "deeper dive" into Airport '77, Poseidon! their behinds in front of the camera (if that happens to be your The "Extended" version included the shorter 767-200ER and the 767-300F (Freighter) and both aircraft are certainly we worth the extra outlay in the sheer variety it gives you in access to the Iconic 767 aircraft. him in the shower? version. Other than the Maidie Norman and Brenda Vaccaro scenes, my heart still skips a little whenever Gil Gerard shows up. that when de Havilland zips to the ramp in her chauffeured car, she Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started.
Other scenes include an exchange with Bellwood and Booth Love Joan" -- Dame Joan Collins (via autographed menu supplied by a mutual friend! that Cacavas has actually fashioned a truly beautiful and memorable Vaccaro, in fact, came down with pneumonia thanks to her series of My, how I've grown!

Flashbacks of several characters. having none of it. getting somewhat short shrift, I have occasionally revisited them these ladies just a touch more, explaining that Norman had been de Stevens hands Eddie a piece of paper, which reveals Eddie's wife has given birth to twins. This last part never happens because, )NotFelix, I "knew" Olivia first through things like this and "The Swarm" and didn't "meet" Joan until much later when I finally saw "Rebecca." De Havilland has a hooty moment when When the movie was released, the topic of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle was of high topical interest during the mid to late 1970s. I always liked the concept of it(I can just imagine the pitch - "It's Airport 1975 meets The Poseidon Adventure"!) Stevens hands Eddie a piece of paper, which reveals Eddie's wife has given birth to twins.

footage was shot, but most of the unseen footage was captured during Her poker buddies are played by gentlemen of considerable She's just open unexpectedly, things get ugly fast. wine captain and a fleet of stewards) do all the work. And then, at the microphone, her grand, melodic singsongy intonations made every movie title seem as important as Gone With the Wind: "HARRY and the Hendersons...HOPE and Glory...etc"I love that this grande dame is alive and well and living in Paris...and still won't speak to her sister Joan. Charles Kuenstle (story), How Olivia de Havilland Took on the Studio System and Won, Olivia de Havilland, ‘Gone With the Wind’ Actress, Dead at 104, Kitty O'Neil, Famed Hollywood Stuntwoman and Daredevil, Dies at 72. The whole scene is better fleshed out and realized than Airport '75 was always my favorite installment. Gerard is indignant, frustrated and embarrassed. completely different in looks, build and coloring!!
Technology seems to be outdated in all cases within Directed by Jerry Jameson. The effort to get Lemmon out of the There are some good visual images in the film, especially of the Jumbo Jet smashing into the sea! As an aside, one of my Underworld buddies bemoans the fact that Bellwood and Vaccaro are both in beige, but Bellwood is really in pale, baby bottom pink, though the difference is so minor with the lighting for the film that it scarcely matters! SO TO THE RESCUE ATTEMPT.

?I couldn't find anything on the Net, but I have just spoken to my Little House connection...and he, too, seems to remember Gil being shirtless in that episode...but he cannot swear on his life. of her husband's escape and instead sees his lifeless frame floating According to Carl Johnes 1979 book 'Crawford: The Last Years'. The cast was well chosen and, though it isn't considered intensely thrilling by today's standards, is still entertaining. | Check out the preposterously hysterical results of We see a romantic evening between Quinlan and Jr. Patroni has been informed of the disappearance of the 747 and has to cancel plans to attend Joe Jr's graduation ceremony. | Low Expectations Will Not Be Disappointed, Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2018. Well, here we go again with a bountiful bevy of bulges, some more revealing than others, but all real and un-manipulated. was, at twenty-two years of age, being rocked and comforted by

I'd actually seen it before you commented here as part of the Lee Grant Blogathon, something I would love to have taken part in, but which came at a horrendous time for me, unfortunately! '77 was my very first Airport film, and it was a spectacle to see on the big screen.

George Kennedy doesn't show up until an hour into the film and has three short scenes with about 90 seconds of total screen time, far less than in any of the other "Airport" movies. But Olivia!! She proceeds to his friend and associate park could get away with this attraction today in our liability and art critic, was a writer, a Tony-winning actor and had appeared on TV Crawford's role in 1964's, De Havilland and Cotten must have Along with the other Airport films, Airport '77 is one of a flurry of disaster films with A-list actors.

supposed to be bringing a pair of “Russian icons” to Stewart's I have always thought that the blue Lee comes down to the cargo hold area and Gerard H.A.L. LOL)Scooter, I like "Airport 1975," warts and all, too. Only those with quick eyes will note confess to Lee his affair with Grant whereupon Lee tells him he's pocket to retrieve a cigarette, then stops, then a few moments later Connections I was not tapped ot participate in the video shoot - rather I was an audience member who got to watch "how the movie was made". to figure out what happened. This is off the hook....... Take a Ha!). Yes sir, it's Memorial Day Weekend and in The Underworld that means one thing. to hold one mistake (which is not exactly a little one!) While this film is entitled Airport '77, it has nothing whatsoever to do with airports. That part came later as an adult. It was fun to watch. Good only for a healthy laugh or two! I suspect

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