Reaction Paper Assignment Affordable Care Act in Depth. Are you looking for homework writing help on (Sample Research Paper on Analysis of the Affordable Care Act)? Der Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) ist ein Bundesgesetz der Vereinigten Staaten. According to Pear (2014), the states have included people whose incomes are up to 138 percent of the poverty level. Some of the required coverage’s are against the moral values of employers. This paper, therefore, seeks to provide an inevitable discussion of the Affordable Care Act. ��G�a����{�Q��=Nם>f6�n1������#%uy�Ӿ�3>��詂�F��n�?$M�0�D8}*�x��`�JT�σ�$R����P�9VJApdŒkb��&,9a�:�c�߁���`@{בXAܿ�v�����u,�V�.�飂uP!��4T4�V�x��6&���E{�M�_�Urq��#L�s�*�

Moreover, states that have expanded Medicaid have also experienced a reduction in the number of the uninsured, some of which have fallen by up to 40 percent (Pear, 2014; Price & Eibner, 2013). RAND Corp. Goodnough, A., Abelson, R., & Hartocollis, A. Type: It also includes amendments to other laws like the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act and the Health and Public Services Act The Affordable Care Act is a long, complex piece of legislation that attempts to reform the healthcare system by providing more Americans with affordable quality health insurance and by curbing the growth in healthcare spending in the U.S.
Working Americans will pay more. If the law runs over budget, it will be the taxpayers who wind up at a greater disadvantage than ever before. The act also provided that there would be a frequent review of premium increases as some companies of insurance imposed unreasonable rates. The Affordable Care Act offers cover for preventive care such as infection immunization without requesting payments from the state citizens. ACA has opened access to healthcare for millions previously uninsured. For each citation, all lines after the first line of each entry should be indented one half-inch from the left margin. I. This paper will include: the current health care expenditures whether spending is too much or not enough, where the nation should add or cut, how the public’s health care needs are paid and provide a forecast for: the future economic needs, why these needs must be addressed, how I envision these needs will be financed... P2: Describe the Origins of Public Health Policy in the UK from the 19th Century to the Present Day. In essence, it was to make healthcare affordable to all. 22 0 obj 36 0 obj

Putting the two pieces together expands the coverage of Medicaid to millions of America’s low-income earners and offers many improvements to both CHIP and Medicaid. “Many employers don’t offer any health insurance to employees, even those working full-time. According to the Kaiser Foundation; “Those without coverage pay a tax penalty of the greater of $695 per year up to a maximum of three times that amount ($2,085) per family or 2.5% of household income. Government and Health Care Reform Most people believe that Obama’s health care reform plan is about getting health care for everyone in America and making the health care system better for everyone. The main problem with health insurance companies was the fact that they could, “charge outrageous prices or even deny coverage to Americans based on particular medical conditions, age, or gender. Thesis Statement On Contraception And Health Care Reform Bill. the end of the day that is all that really matters. This thesis is not an argument against the ACA; it examines problems the law might present in the future. application/pdf <>stream endobj Retrieved on February 12th, 2014 from, Affordable Care Act.

In its fundamental purpose, the Act looked at reducing the number of uninsured Americans.

The reference page should be written using Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced with 1″ margins, and no extra spaces between citations.

In the large picture, Americans now have the chance at having affordable health care, and cannot be denied over prior history. We ensure that assignment instructions are followed, the paper is written from scratch. Don’t waste Your Time Searching For a Sample, Get Your Job Done By a Professional Skilled Writer. Are you looking for homework writing help? Of the 8.7 million new entries into the Medicaid roll, 7.5 million are from states with expanded Medicaid eligibility (Pear, 2014). endobj If you are not satisfied by our service, you can either request for refund or unlimited revisions for your order at absolutely no extra pay. Sample Research Paper on Analysis of the Affordable Care Act. Lastly, the Act offers help to individual citizens get a lot from the dollar of their premium. The New York Times. 2020-06-24T14:36:17-07:00 Obama Care Affordable care act.

Well, you can either use the sample paper provided to write your paper or you could contact us today for an original paper. The health care act had some adverse consequences when being put into place, the largest problem being the fact that Americans would now be fined if they did not pay for health insurance by the deadline, which is April 1st, 2014. �L�>̕�߿x�;k���H&��c>BN �F{�z��9l��ԃ\f�k��Y��7� 's��� - The US should model it healthcare program like (pick another country and compare) In order for the paper to fulfill its imperative objective, it will cover the stipulation and reforms of the Act in relation to the following; coverage of the act, cost and care of the act. endobj This reason alone is why Americans should not avoid getting insurance. Our Professional Writers will be glad to write your paper from scratch. Get a verified writer to help you with Affordable Care Act, In a sense, change was needed, but how this change came about is the real issue now. Now employers are required to offer insurance based on the amount of employees. Browse essays about Affordable Care Act and find inspiration. Copying content is not allowed on this website, Ask a professional writer to help you with your text, Give us your email and we'll send you the essay you need, Please indicate where to send you the sample. Prior to moving into an organisation all individuals are assessed as are the care providers to ensure that placements can meet and preferences of the individuals. Impact of the Affordable Care Act” The current healthcare system over burdens the economy and is far too costly in comparison to the health benefits it delivers.

I want to learn more about what we truly signed up for and the repercussions for “pimping out” the health care industry, along with any hidden agendas that might be embedded within this new policy. Other than individuals and employers being affected, Medicaid is also going under an expansion. Health Affairs, 32(6), 1030–1036. Eibner, C. & Hussey, P. (2016). Go to an expert homework writing service. Health Care is too broad a topic, so narrow it down. endobj The original purpose of this legislation was…, The Affordable Care Act should not be repealed.

The Affordable Health Care Act, was a policy that has recently been put in place to help citizens receive the health care they need at an affordable price.
For instance, your format may include an abstract, introduction, methods, results, and discussion in this order. Ideally, the number dropped from 16.0 percent of uninsured in 2010 to 9.1 percent in 2015 (Obama, 2016).

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