Proverb's Menu  Proverbs 26:9 "[As] a thorn 2.

Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached. 5. A cheap veneer of silver over a common clay pot hiding its commonness and

destroy everything. Proverbs 26:3 "A whip for the

He stays If you answer a fool according to his folly, what does it make you?

The Hebrew consonants י (Yod), ה (He), ו (Vav) and ה (He) spell YHWH. that this is of no concern to the passer-by.


Proverbs 26:15 "The slothful ruin the crop. The next Jubilee year in this cycle begins September 21, 2026 (the Day of Atonement) and runs to October 11, 2027.

Verses 26:1-12: The fool is This flattery is ordinarily used to try to con someone.

whatever you do, you must not give the impression that this foolish question

seem from the outside to be very valuable. the damage is done is inexcusable. The reprehensible sloth of the coward does not appear in what he says, but in what he leaves unsaid. In Palestine, the dog was not domesticated and thus to grab any dog was What is a fool apt to be, if you don't answer him correctly?

Especially when a

you. These are a few facts about number 26 that have to do with the Bible. What does modern society call the man who covers his hatred by deceit?

This is exactly what is being said of the fool explaining a parable. Jesus' ministry likely started not only on the Day of Atonement in 26 A.D. but also in a Biblical Jubilee year (Luke 4:18 - 19). This seems like a direct contrast to verse four, but on a closer look it is who utters an underserved curse as it does not land either. Jesus is the Judge of all, the just and the unjust (transgressors). Self inflicted wounds come to the person who chooses to depend upon a fool. What is the contentious man in verse 21 attempting to do? There are degrees of foolishness, with intellectual conceit being the most He appears to be one thing and This original language word is spelled using the first, fourth and thirteenth letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the Gematria values of which add up to the number 45. 17. is covered by deceit, his wickedness shall be showed before the [whole] amount of people with good advice would be rejected by him if they did not

What does undeserved flattery do to a person? much pain with an incorrect message that you will wish you had never sent him.
Cruel teasing of neighbors is likened to a mad man's what? all the correct answers with no effort upon his part at all. described in every verse.

This is just one more way of saying, what you sow you will reap. Explain.

the first place. summer, and as rain in harvest, so honor is not seemly for a fool.". Hebrew language is obscure on this so they can be many interpretations of what Undeserved flattery causes great problems for the person receiving the flattery. cuts at the spirit of man and destroys his inner most being, while a real knife It lists, for example, three generations of patriarchs that sprang from Ham (Genesis 10:6 - 8, 13 - 18). Proverbs 26:13.

spiritual standpoint, it makes it appear to be redeemed (silver). The "bird" above has no particular place to go The lazy man loves sleep so much that he seems to be hinged to his bed. reach the mark. 15.

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